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Can you explain the blue trail in this picture?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36153points) July 15th, 2014

My son took this shot at work, where he is a grounds keeper. At first he thought it was blue string. But when he got closer he could see that it wasn’t. He said a slug had crawled over a spider’s web, and he thinks the “slime” is reflecting the sky?

Seems to me a slug would break a web, but then again, webs are amazingly strong.

Shall we dissect this picture? It’s sure interesting!

(PS…if you can’t open the first link, try this link.)

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I think it is a alien spider, you can see his little face (far left) he looks horrified. Perhaps he is horrified at having his photo taken because he thinks its a bug with massive compound eyes! Oh my, that is a strange photo. I think your son is correct, a slugs trail reflecting the sky. :)

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Actually, got another explanation from a scientific group on fb.. Slugs mating

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Ya, but who do you believe, those yo-yos or a fellow flutherite?

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Um. the yo-yo’s! :D Don’t tell anyone I said that!

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