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Should I sell these figurines? (see details)

Asked by weeveeship (4584points) July 15th, 2014

I have some figurines for a miniatures game. A major tournament for that miniatures game will take place within the next month, so now is a great time to sell.

Now, some of the figurines are quite rare and are worth some money. I have some fond memories with some of the figurines, but I find my interest in the game waning. The number of players of that game in my area is also waning for reasons I don’t know. Further, my friend, whom I usually play my games with is moving away soon. There are some places where I could play the miniatures game, but most of them are rather far.

One factor to consider is what they call “set rotation.” Every year, “set rotation” occurs and figurines from older sets can no longer be used in tournaments. The value of the older figurines then drop significantly. So, it is basically now or never in terms of selling.

Given the above, should I sell my figurines?

(Note: It is OK, and perhaps even preferable, if you are not familiar with miniatures games or don’t know what game I am referring to. I really want to hear the opinions of neutral third parties regarding this situation, and I think the opinions of lay persons who do not play the game are just as valuable if not more so than the opinions of experts in that game)

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