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Do you take a book or your tablet/smartphone/laptop with you?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22418points) July 16th, 2014

When you’re going to the commode for an extended period of time, what format do you use for reading matter?

Some people bring in magazines. I usually bring in a book with me. But with the availability of lightweight (7 or 8 inch) tablets, that may be a better alternative – although they are more vulnerable to dropping and possible water damage.

I know at least one person (personally) who read a book on her smartphone and proceeded to drop it (accidentally, of course) in the bowl. That doesn’t seem like a great idea.

What format do you use?

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My porcelain library is well stocked with magazines and crossword puzzles.

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I only take something in with me if I was already reading it before I go in.

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How long is an extended period of time? If I’m taking a crap I do it as fast as I can. I don’t like smelling me.

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@Pachy – you bring up a good point. My daughter stocks her bathrooms with frivolous magazines like People and Glamour. Not my reading taste at all. I have suggested that she bring in something more serious and interesting but she has not been moved to do so.

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@elbanditoroso, the magazines that move me when I’m, er, moving are Time, New York, and Atlantic. I also occasionally bring along my Kindle e-reader.

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I’m not one to hang out on the pot. I don’t have time to read anything. I just sit there and count back from 99.

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I keep a Games Magazine in there. I work on the Cryptic Crosswords.

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Nothing. I’m usually quick :P

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In the morning I take in a section of the newspaper. And I will take a book, unless I am in the middle of something on my phone when I get the urge.

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Whatever I have in my hand when the urge strikes me.

When I built the house I added a bookshelf into the toilet room in the master bath. My wife refers to it as the “Upstairs Library”.

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Sometimes I even “Fluther” on the john!

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^^^ eeewwwuuu!

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Sorry! TMI?

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@Yetanotheruser – that’s a depressing thought

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@Yetanotheruser, you are so full of….

I don’t hang around in there but I like reading so I usually take my Kindle in there. I take my phone in there sometimes and read the news. There’s also usually a book or two in there to read if I feel inclined.

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@Earthbound_misfit :
you are so full of…

Full of what? Oh, I know! Wisdom!

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