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If you're suddenly given 100% access to the records of the American Government for 24 hours, what are you going to investigate?

Asked by ibstubro (18626points) July 16th, 2014

Area 51?
JFK assassination?

Your findings have to be made public.

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In general? You shitting me? Okay, I want to know what dresses Hoover wore.

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Cheney and pals involvement in the September 11 attack.
Johnsons’ involvement in the assassination of Kennedy.
Did Ho Chi Minn really meet with US officials and could the Vietnam war have been prevented had the US sided against French interests in Indochina?
The influence of Corporate America on American Policy.
Did Israel really sink the USS Liberty back in 1967?

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The Liberty didn’t sink, but they did blow the crap out of it.

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Did the US know about Pearl Harbor before December 7, and it could it have been prevented?

Who killed Kennedy?

Why is Area 51 being kept secret?

Did the US have a role in the killing of John Paul I?

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Intelligence and conversations leading to 9/11.

Any chatter before the underwear bomber in Detroit (personal curiousity because I flew out of Detroit a few weeks before and I commented out loud how extreme security was).

Area 51.

Any conversation leading up to or after the bomb outside of our embassy in Yemen during the Bush administration.

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What happened to the Mason treasure?
Did they use an experimental long term birth control on all us women who joined the Navy when I did as a trial?

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Where was Iraq really hiding all those Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Bush surely would not lie just to get the US involved in another shooting war.

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Any conversations had with Norman Minetta, Secretary of Transportation during 9/11, regarding his 9/11 Commission testimony given, in which he states that Cheney may have given a shoot-down order of a plane that day.
9/11 Commission testimony here

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I would also like to find out how you convince a guy to put a bomb in his underwear? Nothing explosive is getting in with my boys.

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The I.R.S. and the V.A. administration. I’ll have to work fast and take lots of photos of records before they are suddenly lost in a hard drive crash.

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I’m going to read my own file, of course.

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The papers on the Philadelphia experiment.

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The JFK assassination
The existence of UFO’s
Information on George W. Bush going AWOL for a year and a half during Viet Nam.

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I agree with JFK.

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I will do no investigation.
I will instead download the entire database and send it to WikiLeaks.

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What technology is hidden away and is it something that should be public

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I would look at the covert operations that have been secretly conducted by intelligence agencies at home and abroad.

Since the results would be made public, I’ll settle for any operation that was concluded more than 10 years ago.

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JFK’s sealed files from the FBI and CIA… that are sealed for 75 years. Or I would read the presidents book of secrets.

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Imagine the real-life thriller backstage at the Bay of Pigs has to be!

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@ibstubro That always baffled me why he sent them in with no air cover. Hell a Sopwith Camel would own the day against naked troops.

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All documents on UFO’s.
Other than that, not much else, because it will probably get me killed.

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@Adirondackwannabe If there were transcripts of the communication that took place during the Bay of Pigs and what followed, it has to be an edge-of-your-seat nail-biter. The world seemed to hang in the balance. Not the nation. The world. Would that I knew the truth in my lifetime.

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Yep, UFO’s, Roswell, Area 51, etc. Otherwise I could care less but I would love to know the truth about UFOs.

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Recreational drugs, @Coloma.

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Patent records looking for forgotten energy saving devices, and suppressed ones. tax records of my enemies to utterly destroy them. Bwahahahaaa

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