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If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

Asked by dina_didi (1276points) July 16th, 2014

You can choose anything, but you can have one ability. What do you choose? The ability of flying, invisibility, mind reading, speed, intelligence, beauty? Something else? Why?

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I choose teleportation. I think it’s great to have the ability to travel the whole world and be so free!

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I would love to be able to fly.

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Computer intelligence.

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The ability to step out of our time stream for as long as I want, but when I return, only seconds have past here.

I would get so much done, be well rested, have oodles of alone-time.

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Ohhhhhh, ha, I get it.

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I want my super power to be impervious health.

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The power of the Silver Tongue.
To be able to persuade anyone
of anything at anytime.

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I would want to be invisible. To be able to go anywhere and hear everything. Especially people in Power.

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I would like the ability to play the guitar like some of the great ones. Hendrix, Clapton, SRV. That would be neat.

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Teleporting would be pretty cool. I don’t see my family enough, and traveling takes too much time. It would be neat to pop over to the west coast to read a bedtime story, and then pop back home.

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Resistance to all STDs would also be nice.

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Flying would be cool, but I would probably take Invisibility because I am such a perv.

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To be able to travel through space and time would be pretty neat.
Not so sure I would like to be Aquaman.

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Transforming into Son Goku.

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Being able to be invisible or to stop time while one wanders around is creepy.

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Invisibility. I always wanted to be invisible, don’t know why precisely.

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The ability to be happy and content in any situation.


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The ability to point my finger at someone and cause them to immediately shit their pants.

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Oooohh! @Blondesjon the dreaded Brown Note

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I would like the ability to be able to digest absolutely anything, and have my system convert what I consume into nutrients. This way, I could eat garbage and rocks and stuff, and save money by never having to pay for food.

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The power to melt guns with a thought or glance.

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Edit: Healing myself and others. Including the ability to fix stupid in teenagers.

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Ooh, “The power to fix stupid” That would be awesome @talljasperman

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@rojo I could have used that ability on myself as a kid.

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Hey, we all could have used it at some point!

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I’ll second healing myself and others.
but not studip. Its the sourse of to muck fune

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@ibstubro I was a wild child…my scars finally healed over.

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Fuck telepathy, that would truly drive me, and likely anybody else too, insane beyond belief. I could find some uses for flying though, like a free spirit. Flying through the air, feeling its effect on you while moving without the need or confines of machinery, that’s a wonderful thought for me.

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Telekinesis trumps telepathy, unless it’s selective. Imagine the fun and profit of moving things with your mind. Uri Geller wouldn’t have been a sideshow, he’d have been richer than King Midas.

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I’ve heard of the Uri Geller/James Randi controversy, but I’d never watched Geller myself. There is the PEAR project, but the data is quite technical. I was far more impressed with a few physical mediums such as Alec Harris, but many others were frauds.

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they are all frauds

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I would like to have a guardian key tool from Reboot. Or the Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvels universe.

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The ability to predict and understand human female behavior and thought. Probably not possible.

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Even Alec Harris? I wonder how he did his tricks since these effects would be great for my next house party to demonstrate to my guests.

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@Paradox25 Uri Geller was very compelling in his youth. You wanted to believe in him. James Rand has pursued him so relentlessly, however, that Geller now bills himself just a step above ‘entertainer’. Rand was almost a step ahead of Geller, nearly creating new ‘twists’ before Geller himself.

I believe if I had set myself to it early in life, I could have been a great Psychic. I was very intuitive, had incredible empathy and an instinct for body language. There have been untold times in my life that I have “known” something about someone that astounded them. It just seemed obvious to me, and I could pinpoint why. But dishonesty is against my nature, so great Psychic wasn’t in my cards.

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Dude, I am still going with the power to fix stupid as the greatest power of them all!

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Omega 13

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Shredding :D

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@ragingloli It doesn’t look like the alleged ectoplasm emanating from the orifices of Alec Harris during his seances was cheesecloth or any type of fraud though. I was viewing his pictures taken during his seances using infrared. I don’t think he was tested in scientific setting though.

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“In January 1955, Tony Cornell attended a séance to investigate the mediumship of Harris. In the séance Harris sat behind a curtain cabinet and in total eleven “spirit” figures came out from behind the curtain at different times dressed in different clothing. They walked around the room and communicated with the sitters, and then disappeared behind the curtain. The room was in complete darkness apart from some dim light in the middle of the room.[4]

Cornell noted that all the figures had a similar stature, they dressed similarly but used different masks and hats. Only one figure came out from the curtain at a time and always minutes after the previous one. According to the sitters who had touched the figures, their skin felt coarse and rough even though some were supposed to be female. Cornell wrote that a stomach rumble, nicotine-smelling breath and a pulse gave away the fact that all the figures were in fact Harris and that he had dressed up as each one behind the cabinet. The cabinet was not examined before or after the sitting and Harris refused to be searched before or after the sitting.[4]

The spirit figures were also reported to creak and move floorboards as they walked on them, indicating that they were human”

Frauds, every single one of them.

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@ragingloli There’s a problem with this critique though. The current secular-based hypothesis on what’s termed as ‘spirit’ is not the straw men sceptics keep using to justify their arguments. According to secular researchers and Spiritualists the spirit world is just as real to these inhabitants as our world is to us. When brain death occurs the mind (not confined to any body or being) this mind would register reality through another brain in what’s called an etheric copy of the previous.

These dimensions would be out of the reach of being detected by most people by our biological senses, and by our instruments. Apparently nobody becomes a transcendental spirit when they pass on, but still remain human, but their minds reside in a different body made to perceive their reality in a different dimension. According to some quantum physicists this is possible via quantum theory. These ‘spirits’ would need to lower their vibrations (as in spiritualist jargon) in order to materialize in our world where the vibrations are lower. As a result their bodies become dense enough again to physically interact with matter in what’s termed as the physical universe.

I know you’re going to say this is all nonsense with no evidence to support it, but this is irrelevant because most physical mediums expect and hope to have their materialized etheric humans have the ability to physically interact with their surroundings. I don’t think most critics understand what they’re critiquing concerning the nature of both mental and physical mediumship. It’s not perfect, and it can be difficult to obtain the results many would expect due to a various list of reasons, and this includes the difficulty with direct-voice mediumship and getting the desired tone for the voice. It’s not a linear process according to Spiritualist theory, not at least as we think we should expect things to be.

Personally I don’t know what to say since I had never attended a seance myself, so I’m relying on the testimony of others. I’d like to see these demonstrations done in lighted conditions.

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