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Central and South American minors flooding US borders, a cartel diversion or just unusual circumstance?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) July 16th, 2014

While talking with an acquaintance he floated a theory he believes, that these minors are being convinced, ”persuaded”, or motivated to flock to the US so the border patrol will be inundated with them, and thus be a distraction, taking the focus off of the cartels. What do you think, plausible, even in part, or just some random circumstance that just happen to occur now? If the cartel did not initiated it, but they discover that it helps them by acting as a diversion, do you think they will seek to keep it going? The price to a ”Coyote” might be a good investment compared to the dope they can sneak in while the border patrol is tied up.

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It’s a refugee crisis. And it’s not distracting anyone from the cartels.

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Doubtful. I would assume it is two different parts of the government. One is INS/ICE and the other is DEA or some other part of the government.

Plus, I would hope Mexico also gives a damn about the violence caused by the cartel, but I don’t think they are worried about the mass migration into the states.

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A conspiracy.

Thanks, Obama

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@JLeslie I would assume it is two different parts of the government. One is INS/ICE and the other is DEA or some other part of the government.
Both of those agencies has some involvement with the border patrol, it is the border patrol’s job to stop drugs and intruders from just walking in; they snag a motorhome full of coke, they call the DEA, they catch a U-haul truck full of Hispanics, they call the NSA.

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I think it more likely that migrants merely figured out that the U S government would by necessity be a lot softer on an unaccompanied 9 year old. It’s one thing to put an 18 year old on a plane with nothing but the clothes on his back, but little kids place the government in an untenable position. The issue of illegal immigration has always been a test of how we view ourselves as a society. This time we’re being put to the ultimate test regarding the pronouncements from the big woman wading off the New york shoreline. It would appear that the only solution to stemming the flow of people from the South is to either seal the border tighter than a drum or to guarantee that those arriving face travails which exceed the miseries faced in the places from which they flee. A starkly horrible prospect to contemplate. When people start throwing their kids away, the argument shifts from one of families seeking a better life, to a scenario of people reduced to animals, fleeing before a forest fire.

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Many of these issues arise from the US’s war on drugs IMO.

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