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How effective is LEEP for cervical displaysia?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) July 16th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m really stressed right now because I was told I have moderate displasia and will need another exam in a few months. I have a feeling I might end up needing the cells removed since I haven’t heard anything positive within the past year.

I’m worried because I don’t want it to affect my fertility if I have kids one day. I hear it makes your cervix weak.

I also read displaysia can come back even after treatment. So what? Just keep hacking away at the cervix till there nothingn left and you have no choice but to have it turn into cancer??

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Do you have good doctors that will discuss this with you? I’m a hardheaded guy and I usually bull through any problems, but sometimes it’s best to just talk with your doctors and find out what they think. I honestly don’t know about LEEP, but I can do some research for you. I’ll say a little prayer for you if that helps.

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I’ve done some research, I just would like to hear personal views and experiences. Thanks

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Okay, let me send this to a few jellies. Maybe they can help.

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I had the LEEP done for moderate to severe dysplasia 6 years ago. I have not had an abnormal pap since then.

I know it’s hard to not worry, but stress is terrible for your body. LEEP is often successful and you should be fine.

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I had a LEEP conization done about 20 years ago. I had already had my son a few years earlier, and they had been keeping an eye on the cells for a while. We had planned to do a cryo procedure a couple times, but I got pregnant. Then I had a miscarriage, and my insurance changed so I had to find a new Gyn (it was a tough time in my life). It was done under local anesthesia. I honestly don’t remember much pain or discomfort – I had to take some time off of work and take it easy for several days, though. I had semi-annual Pap smears for several years after and they were always clean.

I never got pregnant after that, but I was trying not to; so I can’t speak to the fertility concern from personal experience, but I know they can close the cervix during pregnancy as a preventive measure, called a circlage. When my Gyn and I were discussing my impending partial hysterectomy due to fibroids in 2010, I was amazed when he said they’d leave the cervix in. He felt enough years had gone by with clean results, and there was enough tissue there that I was better off keeping it in place.

My LEEP was done years before they knew what we know now about HPV and its many variants. I always suspected that my husband at the time was a part of the problem, and I now assume that it was a form of HPV. I asked my current Gyn if I should be tested, but he agreed that with my history, we can be fairly certain that I have it; and he says that pretty much any woman over 40 has it if they ever had unprotected sex. Again my generation is different than yours. Did you get the HPV vaccine? Has your Gyn tested you for HPV? If you have a partner, have they been tested?

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Millions of women have the cells removed and it never comes back and they have babies just fine. Seriously, this is so incredibly common do not stress about the procedure or the consequences. All you have to worry about is making sure you don’t let it slide; you must get it tended to.

@hearkat They pretty much knew 20 years ago about the relationship between HPV and cancer, at least some doctors did, researchers knew. I know when my girlfriend in college had been diagnosed with dysplasia she was told it was from HPV, and that was in 1986–87. I knew more than one woman with Dysplasia or full blown cancer in years following that who were never told by their doctor that they caught it from their boyfriend. Either the doctors didn’t know or thought it not important to inform women. Drives me crazy as you know. Finally Merck had their vaccine approved and wanted to make a gazillion dollars so all of a sudden the public knew. Keep in mind years of research and then testing is done before a new vaccine comes to market.

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Thanks gals.

I had the shot recently for the vaccination but need the second one done. I don’t think my partners have been tested, I’ve only had two so I’m not exactly sure who it came from bth I think maybe my ex. He had one other partner and my boyfriend now was a virgin but he did receive oral from someone.

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