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Do you like pleasure spiked with pain?

Asked by Araphel (1635points) July 16th, 2014

whips, cuffs, hot wax

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No…I want friends first or married before tying anything weird.

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I’ll pass, but thanks for asking.

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and music is my areoplane/ thanks but no thanks for the earworm/ it’s my aeroplane

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Yup…. ;)

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Fingernail raking is my specialty, and biting. I have been known to snack on sweaty neck and shoulders. Slurp. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
No spikes or wax. Wet towel fight.

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Sure. Doesn’t everybody, really?

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I’m not masochistic.

I’m sadistic ~

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Sometimes, I leave the spoon in my coffee & it flirts with my eye, a little poke never hurt anyone…much.

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I dabbled in edgeplay during my school years. The scars have since faded to nearly nothing.

Pain combined with sexual stimulation allows the individual incredible amounts of control. One simply balances the sensations of pleasure with pain mentally for the perfect experience.

As a submissive I have enjoyed pain as part of the sexual experience but have found it only works with a competent partner. My wife isn’t experienced and doesn’t posses the confidence that comes with it. I’ve let that aspect of sex go (at least for the time being).

She’s more than a decade my senior and shows signs that she is a prime candidate for submissive status herself. Even though I am capable of playing switch, topping (physically) isn’t a natural condition for me. I’ve had some success with very mild topping of her (holding limbs down, a hand lightly across the throat, clutching her jaw with my fingers in her mouth). Baby steps…

I’m vastly better at inflicting psychological pain (humiliation). I’ve employed this very gently and carefully with my externally powerful and assertive wife. Results have been positive but things are very slow going. Too much too soon would be disastrous.

Let’s just say that quality dominating is a lot of work.

It’s been years since I’ve been brought to trembling, weeping orgasm by a dominant woman that knows perfectly well what she’s doing. I’ll experience this again someday but I’m being extremely cautious and patient.

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I strongly recommend that you explore these things before committing to a marriage.

The chances of finding a reasonably compatible partner without testing first are incredibly slim.

Dominance and submission, BDSM, whatever is vastly nuanced and complex.

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Araphel…I believe you know my answer.

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Getting tatted is an erotic pain for me.

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@GloPro How many do you have?

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My eyeliner, done twice. Three otherwise, one fairly large. I have three others picked mapped out, one has been playing on my mind a lot lately.

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If it’s enticing, you should do it.

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It’s a dilapidated, broken butterfly.
It’s so cliché for a girl to get a butterfly. I’m definitely a girl, but not your stereotyped girl.

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You sound very enticing yourself. Like someone I should get to know.

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You seem a bit of a black sheep yourself. Welcome aboard!

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Do I? gasp this is news to me! ;)

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Haha, I’m sure there are places you fit right in.

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Interesting. Yeah, I like the intensity. In the right ways.

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@SecondHandStoke I hope my future wife has me being lazy and not doing the laundry or dishes as a turn on.

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Nah, simple bondage and a little masochism is about all I go in for.

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Only when I’m eating spicy salsa.

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I do like my pleasure mixed with pain.

I’ve found that cheeses laced with nettles doesn’t sting as much as I would like.

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No, I prefer pleasure accompanied by cookies.

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No, I like mine spiked with gin.

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I didn’t know there was a difference between the two.

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