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What if you ran for office?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (7191points) July 17th, 2014

If you ran for office, especially high office, what about yourself would you hope the smear specialist for the opposition would NOT discover?

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my furry porn habits.
On the other hand, that might cause me to do debates in a full fox fursuit.
On fox news.

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My obsession with cookies and not-so-secret desire to bed Mrs. Fields.

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My fetish for the Mafia.

That would kick me out of the office immediately, if discovered.

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My obsession with cookies and not-so-secret desire to bed @cookieman.

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My total lack of ability to do in the job!

But wait! That absolutely doesn’t matter in politics.

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@cookieman, would you only be interested in Mrs. Fields’ dough?

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My common sense.

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Oh, jeebus. I’d be a juicy bug on a windshield. And the media would turn the blades on with no washer fluid. A hot mess.

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@Pachy: Nope, her buns are very nice as well.

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Go back to india, you terrible Pun-jabis.

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I have nothing in my past that could come back to bite me.

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I would probably be considered too radically progressive even for the Democratic Party.

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You may saunter over to the closet and pick one, @Jonesn4burgers.

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I’ve got way too many past indiscretions to run for office unless I was a Southern Republican.

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I’d have to cut my hair. A near dealbreaker for me.

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I have no skeletons in my closet, they’re buried under the patio.

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I’d promise to do what I can to implement The Fair Tax.

I’d get nowhere.

The Fair Tax makes too much sense to ever become a reality.

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They would fall over laughing as my feet touched the sprinter’s block.

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@SecondHandStoke, cut your hair?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
I would love to see a president with a ponytail again. It has been a long time. Maybe if you had a tail, you could get your picture on money!

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Oh, the world would be an amazing place. That’s all this idealist bohemian quasi socialist liberal can say. lol

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Conservatives can have long hair too.

I should know.

Conservatives can also cross dress and perform in a rock band with performed sex acts:

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I’ve sent a request to @ragingloli to be my running mate.

The Oval Office needs more furries.

Vote Stoke: Cat guro for everyone!

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