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Do you watch people as they're passing by?

Asked by UnholyThirst (1453points) July 17th, 2014

If you’re into the hobby of people-watching, do you also wonder what’s going through their minds, or where they’re going?

Bonus: Do you know when something wicked this way comes?

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I like watching people but I don’t usually try to figure out what they’re thinking or doing. I know when something wicked comes this way too.

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Yes, I love to people-watch, but I try to avoid staring. Even though a have no weird intentions, staring at someone comes across as very creepy and wrong.

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@SadieMartinPaul What is your purpose in doing such?

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I’m not into the hobby of people watching, but I am aware of my surroundings and I do pay attention to those around me.

Do you know when something wicked this way comes? Usually. I’m always leery when people use gimmicks or an agenda to attract attention.

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@UnholyThirst What do you mean by “such”? Are you asking why I notice people, or why I try to avoid seeming as if I’m staring?

If you’re asking about people-watching, I do so for the obvious reasons. I might admire something about a person’s appearance, such as clothing or haircut. I may think that two people seem happy together and simply enjoy seeing that. Someone might look familiar, and I try to remember how I know him/her.

Why do avoid looking for too long? Because nobody wants to be stared at. It’s unsettling.

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@SadieMartinPaul Just clarifying why you observe. You stated no weird intentions so you’re simply watching for pleasure.

Just curious…

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I like people watching. I like being in a public place and looking at people as they go by. Clothes, bodies, faces, hair styles, actions – it’s all interesting to me.

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I watch and get watched, it’s all a wicked game.

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Yes, the sixth floor window at work, those guys on the eighth floor are under constant pressure, poor buggers.

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Some years ago, I worked in an office high-rise across the street from an apartment building. There was this guy who was very fond of using his balcony while stark naked. Whenever he was outside in his “birthday suit,” the first person to spot him would yell “Naked Guy!” down the hallway. The gals would come running for a peek, some of them with binoculars or opera glasses. Really, we were just having fun and breaking the stress of a workday. We always had a good laugh.

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Sometimes, I watch from the depth of shadows, and if I so choose, the pulse of my victims jugular vein speaks to me through certain rhythms. . V….V

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Yes, and if they look me in the eyes, I eat their soul.

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Yes, of course. Me and my machine gun.

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I love to people watch but mostly for what they’re wearing. Sometimes it’s amazing what they wear, even on a very cold day.

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I watch and I wonder and as I do, I write their life story in my mind as they walk on by oblivious to my existence. And if something wicked this way comes, I feel it before it arrives…

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