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Will Ukraine or Russia be held accountable for the shooting down of the Malaysia Airliner?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) July 17th, 2014

Not to be confused with the first airliner that went missing, this is a new case as of July 17th, 2014!

Multiple sources report that Ukraine has said it has been shot down by a missile. 295 RIP.

Why would the fly over a warzone anyways?

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They probably thought that they were at a safe altitude, but the surface to air missile that got them goes to 65,000 feet.

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I hope they figure out who really did it. But who’s so crazy as to pop a civilian plane from an uninvolved party? That’s frigging nuts.

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That will be revealed over the next days and weeks. Without evidence of a cause for the plane to go down, my guess is from local and recent history of missile firings it would point to Russia and Ukraine separatists. The flight plan could be up to the pilots because their company did not have a “no fly” in place for the Ukraine.

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From what I have just heard the pilot made a last minute change of course and flew over an area where a plane was shot down just last week. Maybe things are not what they seem.

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Either Israel or the US will be blamed.

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Well, let’s just say that Malaysian Airlines won’t be my first choice for travel in the future.

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@BeenThereSaidThat I have a source that states there was a shot down plane yesterday by Russia

In Ukrainian airspace.

Wow Russia is out of its mind at this point, shouldn’t geneva convention laws have come down on Russia for that action alone, let alone perhaps they are involved with Malaysia today?

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Too soon to draw conclusions. Clearly, someone REALLY fkd up. The latest is that the Russians claim that the plane may have been mistaken for Putin’s jet which transited the area some 30 minutes earlier. In other words, a botched assassination attempt. I’m curious as to just WHO was on the downed plane. Well this is one Malaysian jet for which no search is necessary.

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NPR said the missile was fired from territory held by Russian separatists. They also said that a rebel leader posted (tweeted, I think) that he had shot down a Ukrainian supply plane at about the same time the plane was hit. The post was later removed.

Preliminary looks like a Russian separatist shot the plane down by accident, thinking it was a supply plane. I understand the same thing happened during a previous uprising, only it was the Ukrainian’s who erred.

They have tentatively agreed to a ceasefire while the bodies are collected, but determining cause depends on the Russian separatists allowing access to the right place by the right people.

Putin was there only 30 minutes earlier sounds like early smoke-and-mirrors to ME. Give me a BREAK! Perhaps the Ukrainian leader was there only 17 minutes earlier.

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I think it’s a wait and see scenario…

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They will prove it was an elaborate suicide pact and all blame will be laid on the pilots.

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