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(Contains spoilers) Are you a "24" fan, and did you watch the recent "Live Another Day" season?

Asked by SadieMartinPaul (8997points) July 17th, 2014

So, is Jack Bauer dead?

- When he learned about Audrey’s murder, he was about to shoot himself with a handgun. Then, he heard the melee overhead, remembered his mission, and jumped into action. But, for a brief moment, he was ready to die. (Great acting job by Keifer Sutherland; Jack’s misery was palpable).

- We know that Jack can pilot a helicopter. This means that he can also make a helicopter crash.

- At the end, Jack had a peaceful, resolved facial expression and small smile. He had a plan, and it didn’t include going to Moscow.

- Does the season’s subtitle, “Live Another Day,” suggest that Jack had just one day remaining?

- Most tellingly, the show ended with the silent countdown on the clock.

Of course, Jack won’t be dead if Fox decides to do another season of “24.” Just like Tony Almeida and Cheng, Jack can be miraculously resurrected.

Comments? Thoughts?

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I love “24” it is my favorite show. I think by him being kidnapped to Russia it will lead to next season when he escapes. With all the crap on TV I don’t understand why more people don’t talk about “24”. Another great one is “TYRANT” on FX.

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^^^ It was a smart decision to do 12, rather than 24, hour-long episodes. The longer format had grown tedious over the years; the shorter season was tighter and had no senseless sideplots or filler (Teri’s fugue state of amnesia; Kim working as a nanny to a psychotic killer; Kim getting chased by a cougar).

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Never watched a single episode.
I find the whole concept retarded.

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@ragingloli You mean you weren’t a fan of “White guy beats up “terrorists” ”?

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