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What does Ethiopian food taste like?

Asked by rockstar (675points) July 7th, 2008

Just looking for general characteristics of their cuisine, certain spices they use, meats, etc

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Ahh, robmandu beat me to it.. damn.

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It tastes like Indian Food, but not quite as flavorful.

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it’s kinda similar to indian, but instead of rice there is a spongy bread you use to sop up the food.

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i disagree with the two previous posters; ethiopian food tastes nothing like indian food, but the process of eating it is incredibly similar—soupy, stewy vegetable/legume/meat dishes “sopped up” with pancake-like sponge bread; everything is eaten with one’s hands. it’s very much a ritual.

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I like the food but the bread has a strange texture – it feels like flesh/skin to me and I cannot eat it.

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