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Are pointy noses generally considered more attractive than bulbous ones?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) July 17th, 2014

Feed my curiosity.

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So Pinocchio was a stud? I think it all depends on how it fits with the rest of the face. Look at Jimmy Durante.

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Pointy noses, bulbous breasts is how I roll.

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^ I’ll expand on your comment in a moment.

A better way to put this is “Are delicate features more attractive than those that aren’t?”

My nose isn’t what would one call small but it is sculpted as opposed to being a blob.


A thick body topped with a finely shaped face is a little heaven on Earth.

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I prefer bulbous noses and pointy breasts!

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Neither one is more or less attractive. Let me show you some of the men I’m attracted to.

Man 1

Man 2

Man 3

Man 4

Man 5

Man 6

Man 7

Man 8

Man 9

Man 10

When I looked twice at my list, I tried to figure out what it was about these guys that I found attractive. Well for some of them, I guess it’s pretty obvious, but for some of the others, they’re not exactly classic beauties, although each one of them gets me all wound up into a tizzy. So what is it about all these guys? They have big, fabulous personalities and they’re super interesting, and I love the way all of them move, and they all have wonderful voices.

Their respective noses didn’t really play into it, when I first saw them, but now, I can’t imagine not seeing those noses on those men. I’d really like to kiss them all, right on the nose : P

OK, now it’s time for me to take a cold shower.

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I think the answer to this question could hinge a lot on the answerer’s ethnicity.

I’m with @Adirondackwannabe that it’s all in proportion to the rest of the face. A person with a bulbous nose is also likely to have a full face and generous mouth. Look at Julia Roberts and how she carries off a mouth that would be a near deformity on another person. Angelina Jolie.

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@ibstubro Can you imagine a love scene starring Martin Clunes and Angelina Jolie? The only thing you’d see on the screen is lips : P

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Smooshy mental, @Kardamom.

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I think it depends on the culture. Different physical attributes are more desirable in some cultures than others

For instance, I do not care for “big butts” but evidently this is a huge turn-on to the certain racial groups.

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I agree it’s cutural. Basically, all in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes it is wanting what you don’t have. Women with semetic features for years changed their noses to smaller and straighter and now the trend is changing a little, at east in the US it is. From what I understand in the Middle East there is still a lot of surgery to “correct” it. Since I grew up Jewish, nose jobs were all around me. I was in awe (still am a little) of a moderate sized straight nose. Now I see that a lot of people think many women are very pretty who have larger noses, even fairly uneven faces (which supposedly makes a person objectively less attractive). What I really know is 9 times out of 10 if you do your hair, make-up, not overweight, stand with confidence and smile a lot, men will think you are attractive. They seem to focus more on the packaging and the body, and body type is also influenced by culture as others have said.

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Or @JLeslie as they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder”

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I don’t nose.

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Here is a photo of a woman with both pointy and bulbous nose. Which is better? The one on the right or left?


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@ibstubro Angelina Jolie does have a bulbous nose.

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@fuglyduckling “it’s all in proportion to the rest of the face.”

I consider your question borderline racially insensitive. Africans and Irish are generally less attractive because they have bulbous noses. Aryanism, in short.

My point was that exquisite proportions are best, and even then carriage and confidence trump all.

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I do care for big butts.

I also am incapable of fabricating truths.

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I just thought the Q was about noses in general, so I was picturing men.

Here are some women that I find to be very beautiful.

Woman 1

Woman 2

Woman 3

Woman 4

Woman 5

Woman 6

Woman 7

Woman 8

Woman 9

Woman 10

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