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Tornado watch in Red Deer what should I do?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) July 17th, 2014

Power flickers on and off… can I get some advice before the power goes out for good?

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Whatever you do, don’t go out for a 10 mile hike today.

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Get a flashlight and some batteries, stock up on containers of water, both for drinking and for brushing teeth and a sponge bath, and some food that can be eaten directly out of the can that doesn’t need refrigeration. Fill a bath tub full of water so you can flush the toilet.

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@gailcalled I have ensure replacement meals in the fridge .. I just had one… it was delicious.

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Plan a move to California while trapped in the basement; or better yet, while on the road out of the area in whichever direction there are no tornadoes.

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Some of you folks are about as helpful as a square wheel on a bicycle. @talljasperman Not sure if you’re still reading this. There’s probably not a whole lot you can do in the moment if you don’t already have canned food, water, etc. And, frankly, if a tornado sweeps through your house that stuff’s probably not going to do a whole lot of good anyway. If you have a flashlight with batteries grab it, absolutely. If the tornado watch becomes a tornado warning seek cover inside, as far from any windows as you can. If your dwelling has a basement that’s accessible to you you might consider going down there until it’s clear. If I recall you live in an apartment building, so maybe the building management has some safety protocols in place for such an event.

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Someone who’s been through more tornados, tornado watches and tornado warnings than I can count

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Do you have a basement? If not, if you think the tornado is really going to hit, take shelter somewhere in the middle of the house in a small room, if possible. A closet would be good.

A flash light is a good idea.

I seriously doubt you’d need to stock up on food and water. It’s not like they won’t find you pretty quickly. Tornadoes don’t last very long.

Also, you’re under a “watch” which really doesn’t mean much. If you come under a warning, get ready to run. I always make sure my camera and photograph books and CDs are by the cellar door if I think there is going to be a tornado. I also leave my shoes on (which I don’t normally do) and make sure my cell phone is on me.

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Well, are you still with us, Dorthy?

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I’m alive.

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Anything exciting to report?

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Power went out for 5 seconds and golf ball sized hail.

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It was close then!

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^^ Power went out for 5 seconds and golf ball sized hail
What happens when they become grapefruit sized hail, and the power is out for a week?

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