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I am in total shock about the Malaysian airline being shot down. Are there any conspiracy theories about the disappeared plane and this most recent incident?

Asked by JLeslie (54554points) July 18th, 2014

I just can’t believe either thing happened. I don’t understand why it was shot down? Why was it targeted?

Is that airspace now closed to international travelers?

Any information you want to share or any theories or facts surrounding either incident or the possible connection of the two I am interested in hearing. I assume they are thought to be not related at all, just a bad set of tragedies that happened to this one airline.

Does this recent incident make you think twice about travelling internationally for a while?

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The russians did it. They will use that as another piece of their excuse portfolio to invade the ukraine.

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There’s a load of pissed off (and probably bored) people on the Russian/Ukraine border that have access to a shit load of military equipment and probably very little in the way of a command structure. I don’t find it particularly hard to believe that some one got bored and fired the missile at the plane just to see what would happen.

I don’t think the airspace has been closed but several carriers have stated that they won’t be flying over it for the time being and I’d guess most other carriers will follow suit.

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The plane was flying at an altitude of 33,000 ft. That is the highest typical altitude of planes you see high in the sky . It was not shot down by a monkey with a stinger missile or lucky AK-47 burst. Rather it was targeted with a sophisticated, well maintained, expensive missile. At that altitude there was plenty of time for the shooter to check the internet and look up the flight on Fight Aware before pushing the button.

I agree with @ragingloli. The Russians did it to blame the Ukraine so they can incite more violence and invade.

It is also a demonstration of power to dissuade other forces from flying over and observing or assisting the Ukraine.

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They are not connected; it’s unfortunate both happened to one airline. Yesterday’s tragedy is attributable to an actual act; the disappearance of 370 is still in the conjecture phase.

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The pilot was the same one who was piloting the one lost in the south pacific.

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Read this and this for more information, but keep in mind, very little had been absolutely proven. Speculation is rife.

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The Russians have a history of shooting down non-military planes. It’s more surprising to me that the flight path was approved in the first place.

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My theory was that flight 370 was rerouted north, the passengers killed, the plane reinserted into standard air traffic as flight 17 and shot down to hide the evidence.

Alternatively, someone was on that flight with vital international security information that the Russians took the obvious method to eliminate. It’s so obvious that no one believes they would be that obvious.

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@DaphneT – that’s pretty good. It has the ring of plausibility to it, and there’s just enough mystery to leave things wide open.

It does lead to the bigger question (which was the same as in MH370) – why?

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So now there is a pattern in that Malaysian Airlines seems to be losing jets rather quickly these days.
I wonder if anyone is investigating the crashes, disappearances and shoot downs as some sort of plot by the Malaysians themselves.

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Russia has been supplying the separatists in the Ukraine with anti aircraft missiles which they are using to shoot down Ukrainian helicopters and military planes. I put it down to human error. The separatists may have been given a crash course in operating the missiles but not the broader training necessary to use them intelligently.

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Totally coincidental, totally unrelated. It was targeted because some person was too eager to make a political statement, not that he or she really knew what kind of plane it was.

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In the news today there is more evidence that it was Russian supplied Ukrainian separatists who did it. Supposedly there is cell phone voice traffic that has the separatists calling Russian officers and telling how they shot down a plane. They thought it was military while the Russian officer asks about the condition of the pilot.

Voice print data will be used to ID the callers.

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