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Are/were sleepovers allowed in your house?

Asked by FlyingWolf (2815points) July 18th, 2014

Did your parents let you have sleepovers when you were a kid? Do/did you let your kids have sleepovers? I was surprised by a post on the forums at Cafe Mom where the vast majority of parents didn’t allow them.

I let my kids have sleepovers all the time, have since they were little, and I had them often as a kid.

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I had sleepovers all the time when I was growing up. My best friends lived down the street from me and we were always at each other’s homes. They were second homes for us.

Our children also have/had sleepovers.

I’m also surprised about the answers at Cafe Mom. I haven’t read them, but I have spent time on that site. Now you have me curious. What were their reasons?

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I was not allowed to have them at my house, but I was allowed to sleep over other kids’ houses. My mother was probably happy to be rid of me

We let my daughter have them and go to them.

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When I was little, I went to one sleepover party (4th grade). As a teen, I used to sleep over friend’s houses sometimes or they would sleep over mine.

I am guessing the reason why parents might not allow it is because of the potential for a sex abuse accusation. I know also that when kids sleep over others’ houses, they’re known to stay up all night and then be exhausted the next day, which is no fun for the parents hosting and no fun for the guests’ parents who have to deal with cranky, tired kids all day.

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Very few of the people who said they don’t allow them gave details about why. The ones who did mentioned mostly worry over molestation, guns or allergies. What was interesting is that several of the people who refused to let their kids go to other houses, were fine with hosting sleepovers, so they didn’t seem concerned about allegations against them. Honestly though, if I had an issue with sleepovers, that would be it because all it takes is one statement to ruin someone’s life forever. Ask the McMartin a Family. There was a lot of speculation among those who allowed it about why others did not and it was mostly in the form of judgment – saying they were paranoid helicopter parents.

I do make sure I know the parents of the kids where my kids spend the night with and as paranoid as it may sound, I do ask if there are guns in the home and if there are, whether they are secured. I have to admit to being surprised by several of my kid’s friends being allowed to stay with us without the parents having even spoken to myself or my husband.

Pi don’t mind the exhausted kid, makes them go to bed early the next night!

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I was allowed to have and go to sleepovers when I was growing up. My children are also allowed to have and go to sleepovers. I understand parents being concerned about the things you mentioned. I have thought about those things, but in the long run, I don’t want to have my children miss out on events, such as the sleepovers, because of those concerns.

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Only one or two friends at a time, I never had a major slumber party.
I did have a giant camp out party for my daughter when she was about 12–13 involving about 10 kids all from an activity group I lead at the time. Oh man….what a nightmare. lol
The kids were up until about 3 a.m. carrying on outside and then, many of them told me, point blank, the next morning, when I had specified an 11:am pick up that they had taken the liberty to call their parents and tell them they would be staying longer! Oh really, I think not! haha

As long as I had met the parents and had contact info. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about any unsavory issues. This is life, can’t live in a bubble.

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I allowed my kids to have sleepovers starting when they were pretty young (age 6), and they are still allowed now that they are teenagers.

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All the time.

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I was allowed on rare occasions to have someone sleep over. I think it was rarely allowed due to my penchant for “being wild and crazy” when a friend was over. lol
I do not recall sleeping at anyone else’s home or being asked. lol

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One of my daughter’s favorite memories was of when she turned 7 and had a sleep over for her birthday. She asked me to get chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate and they watch Willy Wonka and ate chocolate!

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I slept over at my best friend’s place all the time as a kid/teen. And also had a friend that would stay over a lot at my house (not the same friend, odd, I know).

As for sleep over “parties”, I only went to one as a young child and never had any at my place.

I am glad I grew up when I did. People weren’t so suspicious of everyone being a pedophile.

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