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Does your cat meow his head off when you arrive home?

Asked by Aster (18313points) July 18th, 2014

I was on the phone with a friend of mine and I heard this really loud noise. I asked what it was and she said her husband had just pulled into the garage and “Jessie” their cat was meowing at the top of his lungs. Is this fairly normal ? I think it goes way beyond simply brushing against his owner’s legs.

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My cat did it and I liked that he was excited that I was home. I could here him from the driveway. It was a nice thing to come home to after a hard day. Lots of affection and appreciation.

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Only when he’s hungry. Which is most of the time.

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Never. He always greets me, though. If he is outside, he shows up at the driver’s side of the car when I park before I even get the door open. If inside, he materializes from wherever he has been hiding within several seconds of me closing the kitchen door. Sometimes he is at the door as I am entering the house, so I have to stick my foot out to keep him from dashing outside.

He has enough mini-meals and food available so that he is never that hungry.

He always meows, as a signal, just before he tenses up to leap from floor to tabletop or counter. It is similar, I believe, to the grunt of a weigh lifter before snatching some giant weight.

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No, more often than not they just crack an eye from their lengthy cat naps and fall back asleep. haha

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No. But I have a cat that meow’s her head off most of the time she is awake. Mostly she is talking to her “dad” who encourages this by meowing back. It’s cute….for awhile.

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Some cats are more vocal than others – just like humans and dogs. The one cat we have now doesn’t meow much, but she has a vocabulary of other sounds that she makes to indicate whether she’s happy to see you or wants to be left alone. The younger cat meows more when he wants to be let out or wants a taste of milk. He also does this meow-howl when he feels tough and wants to challenge my Alpha status (he always loses).

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I have had cats like that in the past and my daughters cat “Isis” is a great talker but my present companion is so laid back, she rarely meows although she does come running downstairs to greet me about half the time and rubs up against my legs. The rest of the time she just lays there and when I walk by she will raise up and, in the way of cats, say ‘sup?

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My cat doesn’t so much meow as he does whine. Whine for attention, whine for food, whine to be left alone. They’re all different sounds but none of them I would consider a typical cat meow.

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No, I don’t have a cat.

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Nope. I might get that weird meow/pur noise as I approach her while going up the stairs to get my work clothes off, but that’s about it. She doesn’t rub against my legs either – she just plops down on my bedroom floor and watches me change (naughty kitty).

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@El_Cadejo, your cat sounds might be related to my cat. Whine, whine, whine. Mine doesn’t meow when we come home but he often appears to say hello. He then whines about his bowl, his day, his needing a stroke, his anything really. It’s all about him. He may be incredibly happy but his meow sounds very plaintive.

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Dogs have owners and cats have staff.

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My goose Marwyn could hear my car coming ¼ of a mile away, my neighbors would tell me that he would start honking when I was at my mailbox and by the time I pulled down the driveway he was shieiking his little goosey heart out! ” My mama goose is HOME!” haha
I would always tell him “Home soon”, he knew that phrase well. :-)

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It is. There have been some nights where I have heard mine across the parking lot. According to my wife, he was silent until about 2 minutes before I came up the stairs. (My car has a distinctive sound, and can be heard quite clearly when I pull in.)

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