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What are some strange, irrational things about you?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) July 19th, 2014

Curious what strange, irrational things you guys do, one of them for me which is pretty strange, back when I actually had a relationship, even though we would kiss, make out, etc, I did not want tos hare a drink lol.

It pretty much just comes down to me not wanting someone’s mouth on my drink, I wouldn’t share drinks with co-workers or classmates (from a bottle that they would pour into their mouth) for risk of “contamination”, but I still did not want to do that with someone I kissed/made out with, she found it pretty weird too, I said I know, still don’t want to share a drink though lol.

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- I love sleeping, but I can’t sleep early.
– I love socializing, but I refuse to hang out with a group.
– I can be talkative to some but taciturn to others.
– I can eat any kind of seafood, but I can’t eat fish.
– There are sounds that are only funny to me. They make me laugh hard without reason.
– I’m a funny person, but I’m no good at writing a funny story (I do better with a sad story).

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“I can eat any kind of seafood, but I can’t eat fish.”

So you only eat the mammals and mollusks?

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I’m OCD about drinking glasses not having any soap residue in them so I always pre-rinse glasses, especially at other peoples homes. It comes from a bad experience as a kid getting a drink of water at a friends house and the glass still had soap in it. Blech!

I am also extremely stubborn when it comes to unsolicited advice, I hate meddlesome people and unless their input is really helpful I will deliberately reject any and all advice.
Call it irrational, I call it MYOB! lol

I also HATE, HATE, HATE being treated like a child and being told things such as ” Drive carefully!” Fuck you, I have been driving for 100 years, obviously I drive carefully as I have not been killed yet! lol
I also can be a bit irrational over what I perceive as insults to my intelligence. I had a friend recently caution me to not forget to poke holes in a potato I was going to microwave.


This same friend also felt the need to tell me the 101 ways I could use a Rotisserie Chicken for meals when I told her I picked one up for dinner one night.
OMG….it’s a freaking roast chicken I don’t need you to coach me on all the possible combinations of sandwiches and other dishes I can use it for. I am not 14 years old anymore, Hellloooo!

Drives me nuts!

Thank You for the opportunity to bitch a little. lol

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I have little routines that I have to stick to or else I feel very uncomfortable. For example, when deciding on which radio station to listen to in the car, I must listen to each one that I have pre set for a few seconds in a particular order before making my decision. If someone gets in my car and starts flicking through the stations randomly it really, really bothers me. In fact, in my car, I’m only comfortable if I have decided on the radio station in my own little way. If someone else is in the car I generally don’t have the radio on so that they are less tempted to mess around with my system. This is only the case in my own car, I don’t care what we listen to in someone else’s car or how the decision was made.

I also never wear odd socks. Some people pride themselves on never having matching socks but for some reason, it bothers me if my socks don’t match and , if one sock has lost it’s buddy, it is redundant to me!

I hate farting. I find it hilarious when other people fart but when I do it, even if I am alone, I am disgusted in myself. This often leads to tummy ache!

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Everything is strange and irrational about me.

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I try not to be irrational with people, but with spiders, forget it.

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I sleep with my clothes on and for weeks at a time.

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I get pointlessly addicted to things, even when I’m no longer having fun. The biggest one by far was World of Warcraft. It’s full of repetitive bullshit activities like mining (you start with crappy metals like tin and copper, and only when you get good can you mine for gold or silver), gathering herbs, or killing low-level monsters again and again and again.

I would regularly play WoW all night, go to class at 7 AM, then sleep all afternoon. The only reason I’m not still doing it is when I finally replaced my old computer, I was too lazy to get WoW for the new one.

Or I’ll surf the internet for like five hours and think, “ok, let me just click on this one more thing, then I’ll get up and go outside.” Hint: I don’t get up and go outside.

It happens with food, too. One time me and my roommate ate a whole tube of pringles and a can of french onion dip together. It was like, “dude, I’m not enjoying this anymore,” om nom nom. “Oh yeah? Well I’m not even tasting them anymore” snarf shovel chomp. We shamefully devoured the whole thing and swore never to tell anybody. So I guess I’m breaking the bonds of sisterhood or whatever but it’s not like the person who ate all the pringles has any honor anyway. This is basically my life.

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Update I am wearing clean clothes today… I found some clean underwear and I bought new socks.

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Another possible thing, I don’t wear pajamas or any “special” clothes for sleeping, I just sleep in what I was wearing that day, unless it’s something with a belt, then I go for sweatpants, but I am usually in that as that is what I wear around the house and when going out unless for work.

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My irrational fear is throwing this away into public garbage bins. I can do it, but I get a bit panicked about it and I always check my rings on my fingers and what I’m carrying like my phone and keys and shopping to make sure I didn’t accidentally throw or lose something in the receptacle I didn’t mean to. It’s annoying.

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@talljasperman My ex used to do that and he slept on the couch and stunk up my couch. He showered, perhaps, once a week . It really isn’t healthy and I’m sure it contributed to his poor self-image. It is easy to stop making an effort, but it does make you feel better if you shower and put on clean clothes.

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@Haleth It’s all about the grind :P
I have a similar problem with games. I have this weird compulsion to beat/unlock everything even if I’m no longer enjoying the game. I stay away from extremely open ended games for this reason

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If I purchase Pringles or Stax potato chips, I have to tip the canister to hear how many broken ones are in there, the less crumbs I hear running around in there, the most likely I will buy it. Regular chips, I expect broken chips, but chips in a canister cannot be broken or I can’t bring myself to buy it.

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^^ Hi Sheldon Cooper.

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