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Why does Safari crash on my ipad?

Asked by AshlynM (9661points) July 19th, 2014

Safari doesn’t crash constantly but it does happen fairly often. Why? I have the latest ios7.

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In my case it it’s Chrome for iOS that crashes consistently on my iPad—mostly when I am using Facebook. I keep both the software and the iOS updated, and I’ve even deleted the App and then reinstalled it. I’m convinced that it just hates Facebook.

Does your Safari seem to crash when you’re one any particular site? Start looking for patterns like that.

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It seems to happen mostly on facebook for me as well, sometimes Youtube. Completely shutting down my ipad makes no difference. At least my tabs are still open when I restart the browser.

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I’m convinced that it’s the FB site and not the browser that causes the problems. But we use the FB app for one account and I access my FB account on Chrome. If you’re not accessing multiple FB accounts from one device, I’d suggest that you just use the Facebook for iPad App or one of several other Facebook Clients for iPad. It’s been a while since I tried any of those, so I can’t speak to any of those apps specifically.

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In about 95% of crashing cases, memory management is what kills things.

Apple was traditionally better at memory management than Windows (primarily because Apple is based on Unix, which historically managed memory better). But there are all sorts of app developers that are lousy programmers and don’t do memory management particularly well.

The reason why shutting down the iPad is ineffective is that before shutting down, the iPad caches memory, meaning that when you turn it back on, the device just reinstates things to how they were before. So you are perpetuating the problem, not solving it.

The only way to address this semi-permanently is to wipe the iPad and reinstall / redownload everything. In other words, go back to factory settings. The reinstall your software.

That will fix things for a while, until another poorly written program starts eating up your memory.

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My facebook app crashes on ipad.

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