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Do you think that Kim Kardashian looks better with her nose job?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) July 19th, 2014

I am curious because I have read a lot of mixed opinions no her looks. Majority may think she is hot solely because of her junk, though. But when it comes to her face, I want to know what you thought.

I think she looked better before, but my taste is usually not common.

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Who cares? I have zero interest in following the stupid escapades of celebrities.
I don’t have a clue what the hell her nose looked like to begin with. lol

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I think most people look better with their original equipment.

@fuglyduckling based on your posts, it seems you are obsessed with looks, yours and other people’s. Maybe you should take some time to cultivate some interests that have something to do with other, less superficial, things. Some of the most beautiful people I have ever known would be considered physically homely based on our society’s standards of attractiveness.

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Who is this Kim Kardashian, and what has she done to improve the world that I should care about her, let alone her fake nose?

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@Coloma @FlyingWolf @gorillapaws I don’t like her either but whether this question was towards her or another person, It’s not about what she did its about her nose. I think that it is perfectly normal to be curious about tastes of other people on beauty.

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@FlyingWolf And what do you care? I am not obsessed with looks. I almost always like what others don’t and vice versa (both in appearances and other) so I felt like asking online.

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@fuglyduckling I was sharing an observation based on almost every question you’ve asked, I can’t really say I care. There is no need to get defensive, it was just a friendly suggestion.

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@FlyingWolf Ok? Not sure why you are pointing out to me as if I don’t know my questions though.

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@fuglyduckling I pointed out those questions to illustrate that, based on the disproportionate number of questions you ask about looks, models, and beauty, an argument can be made that you are obsessed with such things. Shoot, even your user name is a reference to looks! It might be worth contemplating the reasons behind that obsession. If your interests were focused elsewhere you might find you are a little more accepting of yourself and others – flaws and all.

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Kim Kardashian’s nose falls astronomically low on the list of world-shaking events we’re currently witnessing.

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Imagine if all those concerned with Kim’s nose were doing something constructive for humankind instead…

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I looked up before and after photos so that I could answer your my opinion she looked better before the plastic surgery.

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Why should Bruce Jenner have all the fun?

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Small minds talk about other people.
Mediocre minds talk about things.
Great minds talk about ideas.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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Well rounded minds can make a poignant or humorous observations about all three.

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@SecondHandStoke True, but fixating on others is such a dull past time.

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Agreed. But often I’m not so much fixating on the acts of others as much as using humor as a coping mechanism.

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Nose job, Boob job and Butt
You can tell she definitely had one done.

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