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Will I be kicked out?

Asked by squirbel (4174points) July 19th, 2014

I have a birth aunt who I recently found, after searching.

Needless to say, she feels guilt of all sorts. At any rate, I lost my job last year, and used my savings to pay rent up until now. Now I am dry.

This aunt offered me a place free of charge, a condo she owns. So I moved in.

Last week, I became lucid and broke out of a delusion I had been experiencing for two months. My birth mother was schizophrenic, and since I was lucid I started researching. I was convinced I was schizo.

So I called her, and asked her for help – where do I go, who do I see? She did not help much, only tried to convince me I wasn’t crazy. I ignored her words cos I knew I was (I thought an ex was talking to me telepathically). I also learned from talking to her that she was paranoid schizo. Two exhibitors in the family – that sealed the deal for me.

July 10th – she calls and tells me to get out of her house. She believes I am lying so I can live for free. She offered the place for free, so this is the first I heard of this. Of course I want to offer whatever I can to help, but with 0 dollars and 0 income – it’s a little tough to do things that are wanted.

July 11 – I have slipped back into the delusion. I wait to meet him – no show. No show cos he’s not real. I become super lucid. I do not want to live as a homeless, schizophrenic woman – living off of the government. I try to commit suicide by attempting to cut the femoral artery near the pulse. I faint. I call 911. They take me to crisis center.

Anyway – I’m out now with bipolar diagnosis. On medication. Suicidal thoughts gone. But she still wants me out. My phone is dead. But I can receive her messages via google voice. I can talk to her via text.

I live in lansing michigan.

Is there some loophole she fell into by letting me stay there for free? Or should I get out and be homeless?

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