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I want medicine to loss weight?

Asked by nicole91 (6points) July 20th, 2014

I’m girl 22 years old and I’m 66 kg I wanna loss weight fast please tell me what should I do??

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You’re about 5kg/11 pound lighter than me, and you don’t list a height. I’m not even sure you need to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight fast, you don’t want to do so safely; you would rather die trying to be skinny ASAP than lose weight the right way. By “right”, I mean “won’t kill you”. SLow down and you’ll live longer.

Personally, I got a new job that has me about as active as someone who hits the gym regularly. Just increasing my physical activity took me from 195lbs/88kg to 175lbs/80kg in 2 months despite eating more, and after four months I hit my “natural” weight of 150lbs/68kg; actually a hair under the recommended weight for a person my height.

Drugs will cause issues. Diets will cause issues, possibly worse ones than drugs. Exercise works, and is far safer. Not to mention, it’s less likely for the weight to come back.

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