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Immigrant architect wants work experience in America?

Asked by MarcoDemarco (221points) July 20th, 2014


My cousin graduated from college in Nicaragua and works as an architect.

Nicaragua isn’t the economic promise land of the world, so she isn’t getting consistent work, and so she wants to find work in other countries, especially America.

She knows she’ll have to get an American company to ask for her to come here. What are some strategies she could use to make this happen?

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Submit a resume to various architectural firms? That’d be a good start I’d wager.

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You should inform your cousin that America is NO LONGER the “promised land” for architects. The field is notoriously overloaded, as with all professions bordering on “the arts”. From what I hear, the place to go is China, but hurry. The steam is collapsing there as well.

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China will do to Africa as the USA has done to China if that helps

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