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Are our societal agencies collapsing in step with our crumbling infrastructure?

Asked by stanleybmanly (16145points) July 20th, 2014

Come to think of it, aren’t such agencies just another part of the infrastructure?

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What’s a “societal agency”?

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And what proof have you of collapsing infrastructure?

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From the moment it is built – and even before then, in some cases – infrastructure starts “crumbling”. As Paul Simon and many others have put it, “everything put together sooner or later falls apart”. So “crumbling infrastructure” is just part of life everywhere that infrastructure exists. It ain’ no thang.

Like others, I also wonder what you mean by “societal agencies”. Families? They generally seem pretty strong, as a rule, when they’re not too badly tampered with or engineered against purpose. (Maybe more on that later.) Corporations? You probably don’t mean them, do you? They’re simply thriving – and you can’t argue that they’re not societal agencies, either. Whatever you may think of corporations, they are “agencies” built by people in a very real “social” sense. So they sure aren’t “collapsing”.

I don’t suppose that you meant armies and navies, so I won’t assume that’s what you mean..

Did you mean, perhaps “some government agencies”, such as schools, or government programs such as the various forms of welfare that governments administer, including Social Security? I would 100% agree with you that those are collapsing, primarily due to the false premises that drive them and the lies that sustain them. Those human systems and drives don’t seem in danger of extinction: we’ve been educating succeeding generations since time immemorial, and “welfare” is practiced in various forms all over the world, usually better without government direction than with.

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@Dan_Lyons You would be shocked at the condition of our bridges, dams, locks, levys and other crucial components of travel, flood control and commerce. We have been building this place up for more than a century and a good bit of it is worn out and in need of replacement. Since the funds are not there the theme is retrofit, patch and minimal repair.

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Maybe you guys need to pay more taxes and get things fixed up.

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OK When I asked the question, I was thinking of infrastructure as roads, bridges, tunnels, public buildings: our physical plant, the stuff we hold collectively. Societal agencies is awkward. Social agencies is better, but as I typed, it occurred to me that those agencies should be considered part of our infrastructure as well. @Dan_Lyons Proof? You don’t believe the rumors?

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So, by “social agencies” do you mean government agencies and/or NGOs? If so, I’d say “some are, some ain’t”, but that the collapse of agencies is not causally related to that of infrastructure necessarily.

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Okay, The answer must be yes. The bridges decay because the Department of Public Works is starved for the resources (money) required for their upkeep. So the rotting physical infrastructure is merely a reflection of the decaying agencies responsible for its maintenance.

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@stanleybmanly That makes sense. The rot occurs no matter what, but the responsible parties (i.e. DPW) need to be able to do maintenance or things fall apart. Now I get ya.

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Yes @rexacoracofalipitorius I agree with Mr. Manly when he explains it this way too. Nicely played @stanleybmanly

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I think you mean “Government agencies.” The government is responsible for the infrastructure, through our tax dollars.

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