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What small, seemingly unimportant change has improved your life lately?

Asked by janbb (54005points) July 20th, 2014

I had a kitchen clock whose ticking made me feel like my days are numbered. Bought a new equally cheap clock last week and hung it up. It’s much quieter. I don’t feel like I’m living in a Poe story any more now when I go into the kitchen. Any insignificant change helped you recently?

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I put my clock radio in my kitchen, and the buzzing sound is gone.

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I stopped bothering with my hair, most days. I have so much more time, now.

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I stopped waiting so long, for anything. I found out things come to me after a few moments…

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My boss has been on maternity for 2 months!
She comes back August 1 though. :-(

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I opened a new package of boxers and am wearing virgin underwear. However, no immediate change to my health or wealth as a result,

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Through scientific research I discovered that God does indeed exist and will be a personal friend to anyone.
Then I made friends with the dude.

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I quit showering, shaving, brushing my teeth, and using deodorant. It saves me an amazing amount of time dealing with other people.

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Who gave me a GA for that? It’s gross. Unless you get my sarcasm.

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@Adirondackwannabe ~Same.. I save money too. I don’t have any change to do laundry with.

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You guys are in a sick mood tonight. Want to run with it?

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pssst @Adirondackwannabe I gave you GA #4!

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@Adirondackwannabe I gave you GA #3. Also would like to add that I brush my teeth with a beach towel.

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Man, we have so many people around here that smell so bad, it’s sad. I have stood ten feet behind someone in the store. I refuse to go out like that. It would save time though.

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Not a thing, large or small. lol

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My new Logitech mouse arrived yesterday, so I can give up my old one. No more unintended double-clicks for me!

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I’ve been walking a lot on my commute. Instead of waiting 10 minutes for a 15 minute bus ride to the train, I simply walk 30 minutes to the train.

I’ve discovered some businesses that are new to me. I talk to people. I joke with strangers. Totally worth it.

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We started using a can opener that cuts sideways around the top of the can. Now I can reseal the leftovers in the same can. Or solder the can shut with other stuff in it

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I cut off all my hair so it’s basically a long-ish pixie cut. It’s so much cooler and more comfortable, and I love feeling a breeze around my ears. It basically styles itself. ♥

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I bought a smartphone with a speaker. For the first time in ages, I have something small enough to carry in one hand that I can use to play music, and I don’t have to drag headphones or an external speaker around. Music is a great motivator for me; it’s easier to get myself to clean the basement or work out when I can take my music with me.

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My singing lessons (which I drive 1.5 hours to get to) have changed from a Friday night to a Monday morning which means I am far less exhausted after nearly a week of work (I work Tuesdays – Saturday afternoons) and can visit family and friends who live near by.

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I made a new friend – the mother of my daughter’s friends. They live nearby and we’re doing things together on some weekends.

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Went tubing on the Delaware on Saturday with a group. It’s been on my “bucket” list for years so finally got to do it. It was fun.

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@Haleth You too… my hair is easy to manage now.

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I grew a beard over the past two months. It doesn’t change a whole lot, and it didn’t exactly take effort. However I have received many enthusiastic compliments about it, and I now think “damn, I’m fantastic” every time I see my reflection.

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I’ve returned to my ways of blunt honesty and not giving a shit. It’s been good. After 4 months of fruitless diligent effort towards women, now wearing “fashion-less” comfy rags and speaking before I think suddenly works. Weird, but I guess I get it.


…that’s not directed at any of you.. I just like the way it looks here.

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