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What job can a thirteen year old get?

Asked by swimmindude2496 (322points) July 7th, 2008

I am just trying to make some money. Any ideas???

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Paper route, I had one when i was that age and worked well for me until I got sick of waking up at 5am. Mowing lawns possibly as well.

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Babysitting, or Mother’s helper. (Housecleaning, laundry, etc) Or have a yard sale.

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Mowing lawns if the people trust you. You can do extra chores and yard work at your own house, and hit your parents up for money. Clean out the garage, Scoop the dog poop, mow your own lawn, weedwack, take down a bush, clean bathrooms, offer to take care of younger siblings, etc. Another great thing to do is volunteer at a nature center. After a couple years of volunteering, they might ask you to do some landscaping/matinence for good money. Offer to walk other peoples’ dogs. Shovel driveways in winter. Really, no business will hire a thirteen year-old, but you can put the volunteering/dog walking/whatever on your resume.

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i would say lawn mowing although this required the things like a lawn mower, lawn bags, weed whacker (if you want to do it right). babysitting is also a good suggestion and really doesnt require too much from you besides being responsible and trustworthy

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Right and Thank you all for your answers.

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About the weedwacking. I never feel like starting that thing up and lugging it around my yard. I grab a pair of saftey scissors and hand-cut it. Ghetto!

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haha, depends on how big your yard is. that could be a bitch for some size yards haha. i dont think anyone likes weed whacking but it has to be done if you want it to look halfway decent

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We have just under an acre, but it’s really hilly. Sometimes I just say “Fuck it”, and let it grow for a couple of months. Then, it begins to look like this.

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my next door neighbors house caught on fire and now no one lives there and no one has mowed it since january and it looks horrible. i dont wanna mow it cus they were gross and idk what ill find over there ill try and get a pic and post it

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you could work on the internet too.
start an ebay business, or web design maybe?
if you work at the skills, you can make some awesome money.

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you can’t really get a legal job. I mean you can baby sit or mow the lawn, but you can’t work for a business because that is child labor. and you would be getting paid under the table which is not good. I mean it’s nice to get paid, but you don’t want it to be under the table

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Any work by any person under 18 is considered “child labor”. Working a thirteen year-old would be against child labor. And you mean, “You can’t really legally get a job. A legal job would be one as a lawyer, judge, etc.

Please don’t reply to this comment by just saying, “ouch”. Because, frankly, I’m sick of it.

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If you go here You will see this:

The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Except where there are specific exemptions, the employment of workers under age 18 is regulated by the FLSA. But the FLSA applies only to employees engaged in commerce. This means that volunteer work, such as fund-raising and sales for nonprofit charities, as well as school activities that meet the technical criteria constituting bona fide educational training experiences (as distinct from providing labor), are not covered by federal child labor laws.
Occupational Provisions
Under age 14
If an employment relationship exists, the only non-agricultural work activities lawfully permitted to those under age 14 are those that are exempt and therefore not covered by the FLSA. These include working for one’s parents in occupations other than manufacturing, mining, or Hazardous Occupations. Those employed as domestic laborers in and around their employers’ homes, as well as actors or performers in movies, theaters, radio or television productions and children who deliver newspapers to the consumer are also exempt.

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@Beast: That isn’t true. at some places you can be the age of 16 and still get paid over the table.

oh and by the way…ouch

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No shit, Sherlock. I never mentioned anything about getting paid under or over the table. I got paid over the table when I was 15, so that isn’t news to me.

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@beast: You should watch your language. This question was asked by a thirteen year old.

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[Fluther Moderator]: Ease up on the personal attacks please.

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Children, did you read my link?

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@snd: if he responded again I wasn’t even going to reply to him. it’s a waste of time and unrelated to the question :)

Response moderated
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not even going to go there

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@swimmindude2496 maybe you can babysit beast and Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter .

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@scamp good idea.

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what the? Look, I’m being the bigger man…well WOman, and ignoring him. I don’t need to be babysat.

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You could always do things like lemonade stands or bake sales or yard sales, but if you want to do something to get more money, you should try babysitting or being a mothers helper.

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you know… my best advice would be to turn to your family and borrow some money… forget making money for now and focus on being a kid and enjoying yourself.

If that is completely out of the question and you need money urgently, then you already have plenty of advice here from others. Still—do you really need to buy whatever it is that you want to buy? If you can do without it, just have fun and enjoy being a kid.

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Actually, there are private resorts and country clubs that hire people younger than 16 to work for them. I know a kid who has worked at the same country club as a caddy at least since he was 13. You can pretty much only work during the summer, but it’s legal and the money is very good.

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