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Do you wish happiness on everyone?

Asked by Mastema (968points) July 21st, 2014

What if that wish also included a killer happily standing over his victim?

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What a 1st question! I thought you were going to test the waters first?

Everyone deserves to be happy.

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Yes. I wish eveyone happiness. Happiness in life, happiness in heaven, and happiness in hell.

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No, not at all.

No one is “owed” happiness. Evil people in particular.

I wish happiness on those who, in my opinion, either deserve it or have earned it. Not everyone does.

We aren’t all equal, we don’t all have the same personality, and because of those differences, not everyone deserves my wishes.

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Sure. But I’m not sure I would word it as “happiness” (maybe contentment?). Whatever you want to call it – I’m wondering if hypothetical killer standing over victim finds himself there if he had known happiness.

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No. Honestly, I don’t give a shit about other people unless they are my immediate family. I don’t wish them harm or anything and I’ll be civil to them, but I don’t care if they are happy.

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Gratification ≠ Happiness

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Of course, why not?
“Evil” people are people who are victims of abuse, mental illness and other sufferings that then perpetrate those sufferings onto others. The whole cycle is sad and everyone “deserves” a life of peace and happiness and contentment.

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Yes also.
Many evil people are mean spirited because of assholes who didn’t show them love during their formative years.
So just remember that your unloving attitude(s) is/are what actually makes evil people in the 1st place.

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Wishing is for pussies, make shit happen.

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I really have only one wish…to hear your voice inside my head once more.

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Truthfully, I’ve often hoped that people are unhappy, after they’ve done something terrible to another person. I hope they regret it. I hope the guilt eats at them, and they can’t sleep at night.
I find myself wishing this, more often than sometimes.

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Besides our Family No, actually I dont.

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I wish happiness on everyone who just now got kicked out of the chat room!

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No, everyone is responsible for their own happiness -or the lack of it.
I’d only wish happiness on the ones who aren’t able to affect their own lives, eg children too young to change any situation they’re in, or people too old to take care of themselves.
Now, about the killer… I might need their number.

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No not everyone, sadly. But most people.

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I enjoy seeing others happy and wish happiness to those who strive to do good. But I can’t say the same for some evil people.

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Yes, i do, unless they have wronged me and those i love.
There’s apart of me that would like them to feel the hurt they caused me.
Does that make me just as bad?

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