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What to choose if option for my separation from work isn't available filing for unemployment?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) July 21st, 2014

I’m trying to file for unemployment and I’m on the part asking why I was separated. I was laid off due to my position being eliminated, but here were the options:
Disciplinary Layoff (I wasn’t disciplined…so I don’t want to put that)
Lack of work
Leave of Absence
Mutual Agreement
Still Employed
Strike/Lockout (Labor dispute)
Voluntary separation/buy out
Wrong employer/plant

Which do I choose??? Thanks. I’ve never filed before.

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“I was laid off due to my position being eliminated” = Lack of Work

P.S. You are allowed to ask the unemployment person.

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I hate calling and waiting, don’t feel like going through that crap. Thanks.

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I’m guessing Lack of Work too but it might well be worth your time and money to check with the unemployment office.

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Okay.. calling lol _ been on hold

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They will call you for your eligibility interview. Just say laid off because position was eliminated when they call.

Hang up the phone. It doesn’t matter what you put as long as you don’t put voluntary or quit.

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It’s definitely lack of work. I had a very similar situation a few years back, and it worked. The only thing would be if the employer had an opening in another position for which you would qualify.

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Thanks! I called the office and I was on hold forever and then told that there was a high volume of calls by a machine and to make a phone appt. I did and then it said there was no openings…whoopee!!

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@chelle21689 Is that the toll free number for filing claims. I have much better luck calling my local Dept of Labor office. Usually I just a recorded message saying they don’t take calls, but if I leave a message they’re very good about getting back to me.

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Lack of work. When the unemployment folks approved my claim, that’s what they termed it.

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Lack of work. I was laid off my job due to the position being eliminated a few years ago, and that was the one.

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