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Have you tried the chat room function here but simply been redirecte to the home page?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5449points) July 22nd, 2014

What a rip. I thought they wanted us to chat more here?

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No. I go to chat.

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Maybe OP’s “time-out” is still in effect?

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What’s the point of chat?

For one thing, you can’t be in Chat and in Fluther at the same time, so either one can’t be a member of the elite and the rabble at the same time?

But the bottom line is that I’m here to share my wisdom to the populous, not be social.

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[Mod Says] Moved to Meta.

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@elbanditoroso “For one thing, you can’t be in Chat and in Fluther at the same time”

Why not?

There aren’t always things to answer on fluther and discussion moves much slower here most of the time, no reason you couldn’t also have chat opened in another tab.
Or if you’re like me, you have research papers in 3 tabs, fluther in 2, chat in another, random articles in 7 more, all 3 of your email accounts, and for good measure, a couple web based games opened up.

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[mod says] Since you decided to make this a public post, I will state here, on the record as the moderator who initiated the action, that you have been temporarily suspended from the chat room. You have been informed of the reason for your suspension in addition to the length of your suspension—as has always been Fluther policy when it comes to suspensions.

Only users who have been suspended from the chat room will be redirected for the length of their term.

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@elbanditoroso Wrong! You can be in fluther and chat at the same time!

Do you kniow how to open separate tabs and/or windows?

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It works for me. I’m in the chatroom now.
Wait. @SavoirFaire ‘s a moderator?!

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If I’ve left the chat room, how long does my name stay up as in it? Or do I actually have to say goodbye to leave?

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If you click on the “leave room” link, your name goes away after a few seconds. I’m not sure of the exact time of the delay. You don’t have to actually say goodbye in the room, just click “leave room”. If you don’t click “leave room” and just “x” out of your window instead, you stay in a lot longer before being removed for idling.

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