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What should i wear to my orientation at KFC?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) July 7th, 2008

At the orientation for KFC, a job i just got, would it be fine to wear just jeans and a top?

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You should get a costume like Col Sanders and wear that. If you could find one that includes really long pants so that you could wear stilts, that would be great too.

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That should be fine. I would just make sure they are clean.

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Wear a business suit.

No I’m kidding. Wear anything that’s comfortable for you, as long as it’s appropriate, casual is usually fine, it’s only orientation.

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Um. Don’t you have an interview at Smitty’s restaurant tomorrow?

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lol.. um, yes i do, i handed out a lot of my resume’s and application forms, i’d rather work at Smitty’s than KFC though.

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You should wear the Col Sanders costume to the job interview at Smitty’s too.

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haha.. i’ll pass on the Col Sanders costume.. >_>

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Don’t blame me if you don’t get the job at Smitty’s then. : )

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Lol. oh geez. :3 don’t worry i won’t blame you :P

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You should wear a Smitty’s uniform, and wait and see how long it takes for someone to mention it to you. That’d be soo funny.

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@curiouscat good idea keeping more than one poker in the fire at the same time. Good luck!!

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Definitely wear the KFC uniform to the Smitty’s interview then. That way they will know how much you like to work.

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haha, thanks everyone, anywho. i gotta go for the orientation. :P

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Nothing. They might like that. Then again, they might frown upon it.

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Dressing like Ronald Mcdonald with full makeup would throw them both off. And if the cops dont come you might even get the job.

Seriously a classy shirt with jeans should be fine

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Maybe khakis instead of jeans? You could end up supervisor pretty fast!

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Yes, I think buckethead would send a strong message that you’re committed…or will be soon. :)

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Big yellow Chicken Suit. very impressive.

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