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What was the last thing that enraged you?

Asked by Araphel (1635points) July 22nd, 2014

Can you describe the feeling?

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My boss yelling stupid things at me. I felt annoyed but know to take it like a grain of salt.

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I don’t know if enraged is the right word, angered and baffled might be right. I came over a small crest in the road. Three cars are coming at me, 150 or so feet away about 50 meters. There’s an idiot guy in an SUV behind me, tailgaiting. He goes to pass me, and he wasn’t going to stop. There is no way he’s going to pull this off. I wish I had my gun.

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@Adirondackwannabe, “I wish I had my gun.” I would call that enraged alright! Hope you are okay.

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The YouTube video showing a jerk throwing a puppy over a cliff… And some people who keep telling me to see a dr. when I already am. I only get 5 – 15 minutes per two months. I will need to save to see a psychologist for $150 an hour.

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That my government returned 41 asylum seekers to Sri Lanka, the country they had originally escaped from. Made me feel disgusted and ashamed. Another 153 asylum seekers are now the subject of a legal battle, while the government and lawyers argue about whether they can be returned or what to do with them.

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@Jonesn4burgers It was pretty hairy. I hit the brakes and went right, the beautiful MG convertible did the same, and we all passed the same point at the same time.

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Watching the news on the death and destruction in Gaza and Ukraine.

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@dxs All bosses who look like Sam keneson and Barbra Streisand should be blended in to chum.

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@Adirondackwannabe Have you not attended Anger Management dear?

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The little girl providing tech with my satellite internet provider talked down to me, talked over me, and and then proceeded to act as if I was being unfair to her.

When you say to someone, “I have listened to you very politely, yet every time I try to respond you interrupt me, and that infuriates me!” and she interrupts the next thing you say, she has it coming.

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@Araphel No, anger management is my worst problem when driving. I’m very good at it. The idiots drive me nuts.

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I am currently enraged by the “Separatists” handling of the people that were killed. Whether by some overeager, stupid assistant field marshal assuming the worst of the plane’s intent or with the full knowledge that it was a passenger aircraft, they demonstrate their callous disregard of those outside the cadre. They are a street gang on steroids with alcohol and, courtesy of Russia, dangerous toys.

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I’m not easily angered. I’d rather not mention the reason that I was last angry, but I remember actually telling this person that I hated them. I thought I hated people before, but I was wrong. This is hate.
My heart raced, when I said it. I didn’t want to allow myself the feel that way, but I still plunged deeper into my anger. My eyes closed, and I allowed my blood to boil, until a sinister smirk crossed my face. My heart rallied against my ribcage. This is hate.

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When I was doing a picture & my crayon snapped, I broke a fucking nail.

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Cheeky monkey! Are you looking at my bum? Bum looker!

(Lurve to the first one who can identify that quote.)

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That’s a man babeee. (Not that I know why that response ^^ is in this thread).

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If you know the quote, then you would know why. It relates to @ucme and the picture.

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@Jonesn4burgers Now I see where you were going with that. :)

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He was making drawrings with his crayons. Somehow I suddenly pictured that skit. It totally fit for me. :-)

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I only got a plain “see you”.

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Certain ‘friends’ responses to some very heartbreaking bad news. People disappoint me, unfortunately.

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