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Who would you hire to do your evil bidding?

Asked by Araphel (1675points) July 22nd, 2014

What’s the deed?

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You, of course!!!!

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HIRE!??! No-one. I never pay someone else to do what I can handle perfectly well myself.

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Well thank you Dan, my Family and I here are artists in our own rite, were, quite the creative bunch.

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Myself… I can save some money, by cutting out the middle man. I would get the best cuts of AAA prime beef ribs with Jack Daniels sauce.

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@Araphel I had a feeling you might be expert at these things!

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@ jonesn4burgers Think again sweet thing, you may be begging for shelter once the temperature rises.

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I’m with @Jonesn4burgers
I’m an assertive, take charge kinda girl, infact, I chased down a couple of weenie teens the other day that flipped my off after I honked at them when they almost ran me off the road.
By the time I got done giving them a tongue lashing they were begging me to not call the cops. haha
Not too shabby for a middle aged left handed, right brained blonde.

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^^ Ha ha! I have made a few ruffians pee their pants myself! Did you hear about that eighty something year old woman who beat the hell out of a would be mugger with her umbrella?

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@Araphel, you wanna come by for cookies and ice cream some time? Welcome. But, if you start any trouble, I will backhand you so hard, your grandchildren will complain about it well into high school.

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The best of all possible minions would be Dick Cheney. He is evil personified, nothing too evil for his dark soul.

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All of you vampsisters!

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~Ronald McDonald… to make children fatter by age 12. And a computer programmer to rot out their minds. And candy to rot their teeth.~

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@Jonesn4burgers (Grins) Ill just be sure that your left out on the sidewalk, the Sun will take care of the rest, next thing you know you will be on the bottom of the shoes of strangers passing by. Ill remember the invite, if that’s what it was.

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Oh, of course, you are new. You have never seen the real me. Prepair to view my true appearance when my avatar changes back to the origonal, my own photo of me. It should be up soon.

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Jeremy Kyle

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Alucard. He would transform into a demon dog and slaughter all the fake sparkly emo vampires.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

What is with all of this vamp crap anyway

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My company doesn’t hire, we only take what’s rightfully ours in the end.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Internet dweebs going about their business, nowt new there then.

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@ucme You said nowt! :D

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@Symbeline I know you love it, bread wi nowt tekkin owt :D

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I actually looked for that bread here, for the hell of it. Would have posted it on my FB lol. But nothing doing, must really be UK exclusive.

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Aye, made by northern bakers born &...err, bread XD

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