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Cases of women having adrenaline enough to lift a car?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (7201points) July 22nd, 2014

I don’t know where to look. My daughter asked if it was actually possible for adrenaline to have the power to enable a woman to lift a car. I told her I remember news accounts in my lifetime of that very thing. I believe there was also two tractors, one lifted by a man, the other by a woman.
I didn’t know where to look to show her such accounts.
Please, no youtube links. It doesn’t like me there. all I get is a black square with a white arrow. It says I’m too old, and come back when I get a life.

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Well..I have had a couple of adrenaline induce heroic moves on my life, but not involving lifting cars.
I once ran a mile up hill to save my horse that was strangling tied to a log by a lake when she accidentally managed to slip her bridle and twist the reins and headstall around her neck so tightly she was on her knees about to keel over from strangulation.
I RAN a mile to the house and grabbed a small knife and managed, between her thrashing, to saw through the leather and save her. What a crazy accident!

Another time I literally threw myself off a cliff when a jeep on a mountain trail came flying over the trial head and was airborne and headed right for me. THAT was serious, I really hurt myself, fell down a rocky, bushy mountainside about 40 feet and was totally banged up but no broken bones. One reacts in the moment and just does what has to be done.

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DAAAAAMN girlfriend! You and me, I swear. I threw myself between my car and a Mercedes one time. I lived on a steep hill, and had to park on the street. My gearshift didn’t quite get into park. (‘63 Impala) It started to roll forward, and I had locked the door. Downhill toward this Merc, and I couldn’t afford that kind of hit on my insurance. I ran forward and got between. I think my legs could have taken the impact okay, but it bounced a couple of times. With that downhill pull, I could not push my car off me. A couple of neighbors spotted me. I gave one my keys, and he backed my car off me. I might have handled it alone, but I was almost eight months pregnant at the time.

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Here’s one occasion according to Wiki:

“In 1982, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Tony Cavallo was repairing a 1964 Chevrolet Impala automobile from underneath. The vehicle was propped up with jacks, but it fell. Cavallo’s mother, Mrs. Angela Cavallo, lifted the car high enough and long enough for two neighbours to replace the jacks and pull Tony from beneath the car.”

Here are several more.

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Adrenaline Super Strength as explained by the Discovery Channel.

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Awesome help, jellies! She will flip when I share this stuff with her!

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I don’t have a link for you, but I remember watching a documentary where an instructor had developed a way for women to release what he referred to as sexual energy. They did meditation-type mental exercises, while being strapped to a 600kg olympic bar. Most women were able to lift the bar a couple of centimetres for a brief moment when the energy was released. (Bear in mind the world record deadlift weight is 524kg).

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@Jonesn4burgers Hello Ms. Jones. There’s that tasty avatar. I have never seen women lift cars but I have seen them throw a man.

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I have seen it firsthand. When I was about 6 or 7, my younger sister and I were playing near a growing mound of earth that my grandfather was making at his open pit uranium mine. I thought it might be fun to have my legs partially buried but the dirt covered me to my waist and I couldn’t get free. Knowing the next pass of the bulldozer would bury me completely, I panicked, and so did my sister. She tried to dig me out with a small shovel, but to no avail. Panic level rising to maximum, she grabbed me by both arms and pulled me out. I remember being absolutely amazed at her great strength!

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Greetings, @Mastema. I have done that. My husband was being mouthy. I picked him up and threw him on the bed. Pointing a loaded finger at him I firmly declared, “Shut up and stay right there until you can be nice.”
He quietly stayed there all night, and went to work in the morning. On payday he quietly left work early and quietly left town. I suppose it was best that way. I just don’t take crap from anybody. I prefer to be pleasant, so if he was going to press me like that, he was right to go.

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@kritiper that is absatively, posilutely awesome. I don’t believe the english language has a word for my reaction to your story.
I hope you have remembered on each birthday you’ve had since, to thank her for seeing to it that you got to have more.
What a special feeling it must be, to have a sibling do something so courageous for you.

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@Jonesn4burgers That was only the first time I nearly died! And she was too young to realize what she did and has no knowledge of it today.

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@kritiper Wow…lucky you and your sister was a hero!

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