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What is that one small thing that your significant other does, something that should be so insignificant at to not matter, that really irritates you?

Asked by rojo (24176points) July 23rd, 2014

For me it happens in the car. Whenever the car stops, and it matters not why or for how long it will be at a standstill, she will reach over and turn the A/C off. Then, worst still, she will roll down the window to “let the air in”. She says it is because she thinks the engine is working too hard when it is just idling with the air on or that it is so nice outside (yeah, it was inside too until you changed it).

I put it down to perspective, she thought we bought a car with air conditioning, When actually we bought an air conditioner you can drive.

We have been “discussing” her “idiosycrasy” for about 40 years now to no avail. As I said minor but annoying.

What is your complaint?

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IF i drive, he flips stations constantly. Also he rarely uses a hamper, just leaves his clothes around. 13 years now.

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“Thank you for dinner.”
Nuked from frozen or a feast that required 7 hours, the response is the same. Would a little feedback kill ya?
Needless to say, I nuke more and more.

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I guess the one thing that might be the ‘smallest thing’ is his habit (addiction) of buying orange soda in those big bottles, at least five at a time, and dumping them in the stainless utility room sink in the bags.
He drinks nothing else; and I mean NOTHING.
@rojo that would drive me nuts. I’d never get away with doing it, that’s for sure!

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Milo here; She hovers, she craves too much attention, and she wants to sleep at 3:00 AM.

@KNOWITALL: What might happen if, starting today, you did not wash any of his clothes that were not in the hamper, but lying around? When would he notice that he has no clean clothes and there is a lot of stuff lying around. Or is there any behavioral tic of yours that annoys him that he would horsetrade you with?

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Chew with his mouth open

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My wife and I have been married for 23 years and I can’t think of anything she does that “really irritates” me.

One thing that she does is more of a safety issue than an irritant is her listening to books on tape while she is driving the car. I notice that she isn’t always paying attention to her driving. She will slow down for no apparent reason while on the freeway or approaching a green light signal. I’ve asked her why are you slowing down? She knows why and of course I offer to drive.

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She makes those farting sounds from elsewhere.

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He pronounces wheelbarrow as “wheelbarrel,” Wyoming as “Wyomee,” and nuclear as “nucular.” I understand that some people just have trouble saying “nuclear” for some reason so I let that one slide, but the other two continue to be minorly irritating.

Also, he never hangs dish towels back up after using them, just leaves them on the counter. Then I have to wash them again. I’ve taken to pointing them out every single time and asking him to hang them up.

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@Gailcallled I tries & he had a pile then got a spider bite. He says I nag about his sugar intake, lol.

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What’s his spider bite got to do with leaving dirty clothes lying around? Is he accusing you of some sort of revenge of the arachnids? Tell him I put my clothes in a basket and still get the occasional spider bite. They are not correlative.

I’m staying out of the sugar intake issues.

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Opening the microwave without turning it off first… ~I can just feel the cancer spreading.

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I’ve solved the problem.

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Wife unit talks to me from another room and I can’t hear her, then gets mad that I didn’t do something or the other.

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@majorrich – my wife does that too. I want her to be polite enough to ask for my attention before asking me to do something. Even if I hear what she is saying, I act like I didn’t.

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Leaving the cooker switched on after serving his food. He’d say he ‘thought he’d turned it off’. Forgetting to lock the door – I’d be stuck inside the house till he returned. (We only had one set of keys).
Waiting till he’d no clean clothes left before doing a laundry.
Leaving his laundry piled up in kitchen floor cos he didn’t know how to sort it properly!
Eating rice with a spoon, running spoon in circles round plate to catch the last bits of rice! Ouch – what a horrible squeaky noise that made!

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We both do the dishes, but the wife never empties the dish rack of the dried pots, pans etc. I’ll put away the items that I recognize, but within a few days the rack is filled with peculiar things that resemble nothing more than a collection of instruments of torture. I have no idea where in the house she hides all of those frightening contraptions, so they pile up in the rack til I stop washing the dishes for lack of room in the drying rack. Then the accusations fly that my ignorance is merely a pretense to mask my fear of touching the infernal crap. Of course my retort is that she apparently has a phobia of touching ANYTHING at all once it’s in the rack, and so it goes.

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@Gailcalled Spiders like clutter piles so if I don’t pick up after him, we’re more likely to attract them. No win lol

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My wife abuses our high end kitchen knives by cutting on Corning Ware, metal pans, and metal cake cooling racks with them, and then she washes them and throws them in with the silverware to dry. That kind of treatment ruins a professionally sharpened edge in a hurry, and raises my blood pressure even faster.

After 20 years of asking, pleading, telling, reminding, cajoling, threatening, and blackmailing, I finally acknowledged that there wasn’t going to be any behavior change on her part. So I bought an electric knife sharpener. Now, I don’t get upset anymore when I see her abuse our knives; I just make a mental note to sharpen them soon.

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Listens to shit old people music on long drives. Has the footy on during sex. Does’nt eat eggs wtf
@wildpotato I heard people in america say ‘nucular’ and it made me want to scream and tear at my ears every time.

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Hey – the bottom line is, if they’re there for you and you love them, don’t sweat the small stuff. (And other “block that” metaphors.)

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He will be completely silent, until I start reading. Every. Time.
This is the only thing he does often that annoys me.

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oh and has an old timey phone with t9 texting so he sounds like a dalek

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He gives me a kiss every morning before he leaves for work. This wakes me up at 5:50 am and it’s very irritating.~

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Interrupts my “How was your day?” impassioned response to answer the fargin phone!

Many a row over this.

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@jonsblond that is so romantic and sweet. Ask him to leave you a little note instead?

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I’m just teasing about it irritating me @Aster. It is very sweet.

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