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Where should I put a game on my mac so that multiple accounts can access it?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) July 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m downloading The Sims 2 onto my MacBook, and I have two user accounts on the computer. Where should I download the game so that it can be played from both?

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That should do the trick.

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From reading your question, I gather you’re a novice user (and that’s OK!). You can download it to whatever folder you want, but to make it playable by any account, install it into the default /Applications.

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If it’s in the main Applications folder (the one at HD level, not user level – if you have one of those), all user/admin accounts can access it.
basically what uno said

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Macintosh HD/Applications (what everyone else said, if you haven’t renamed your hard drive)

Have fun!

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Also, it probably won’t hurt to point out that “downloading” something is different than “installing” it.

Typically, for the Mac, you download an installer package of some sort (it can take on any of numerous guises). That downloaded file can reside on your Desktop or anywhere else, but is useless until you do something with it.

Then, following the instructions, you (or the installer program) will go thru the motions of installing the application.

By default, and as already mentioned by my esteemed Flutherites, the resulting application will be placed in the “Applications” folder where it’s already available to all users of the system (unless you’ve locked them out with a limited account or parental controls).

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Thanks guys. Sorry to ask a dumb question, I’ve just had issues in the past making stuff available to both users (Though not applications I now realize, mostly single files like pictures and music).

Sims ho!

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It isn’t dumb in the slightest; many people aren’t born with a knowledge of Mac OS X permissions. Thank you for not asking a question about how to jailbreak an iPhone. :)

Enjoy one of the greatest games ever.

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For future reference, anything that is under a subdirectory of Macintosh HD other than the subdirectories of Users is usually accessible by all accounts.

Okay, that was a really complicated way of saying it. Let’s just say that in general, if an application or folder is in either the Shared folder of Users or in another common folder under Macintosh HD, it’s universally accessible.

That wasn’t much better. I’ll stop trying and hope you get the idea.

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Yeah, that makes sense, thanks.

That makes sense as to why it was such a pain syncing out photo libraries and music, because those things are under my user name with a little house icon next to it.

Got it. Thanks jellies.

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