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Can local anesthesia (chalazion removal surgery) cause headaches?

Asked by bluish (498points) July 24th, 2014

So… after that chalazion thingy got out of my eyelid, I’ve had these all-day-long headaches. Can anesthesia be the reason? Or they’re just random headaches? It’s the third day, ugh…

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I am not an ophthalmologist however am a dentist. I too have had a chelasion removed. It’s possible that the headaches are caused by the procedure, because what they do is, create a tiny cut in the eyelid and scoop out the goop. ( said to be ‘marsupialised’) so depending on how nicely or not your lesion was ‘marsupialised’ , could mean more scraping and what not. It’s the procedure probably and not the anaesthetic, which is a few drops infiltrated superficially, not a nerve block. Give it a few days, paracetamol, and you should be right as rain.

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@trailsillustrated Yup, paracetamol has been a good friend. I’ll wait then… I thought coffee might help because it feels kind of like that sort of headache, but noooo…

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Did you get hydrocodone or oxycodone after the procedure? That class of painkillers can, paradoxically, cause headaches too.

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@Mariah No, but I got a chocolate bar and went home to drink coffee and sleeeeeep :)

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One of the listed adverse effects of lidocaine (a very common local anaesthetic) is a headache but you would have to get quite a lot administered locally before you’d expect to see systemic side effects.

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Last week a dermatologist removed a football shaped piece of skin from my arm (5 cm x 2 cm) and used four 1 mL syringes of 1%lidocaine with epinephrine and anesthesia. And I did get a slight head ache.

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