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Favorite travel songs?

Asked by bluish (498points) July 24th, 2014

You know, the stranger-among-strangers, me-and-my-thoughts, going-to-lots-of-places kinda songs. Like Iggy Pop’s Passenger, or the happy summertime stuff like Rockaway Beach by the Ramones. Or anything.
So, what are your favorite “travel songs” and why? :)

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Going to California
Led Zeppelin

It has a dream-like, ethereal quality that reminds me of road trips through the desert.

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@cookieman Awesome… :) (through the desert, um… what about Horse With No Name? America)

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Rockin down the Highway. Doobie Brothers
Georgia on my Mind. Ray Charles
Tumbling Tumbleweeds. Gene Autry

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Two of Us by The Beatles
Walking by The Dodos
Man Named Truth by Monsters of Folk

Most of my road trip music is not actually about travelling, though. Too many songs to list here!

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I love to rock out to classic rock when on road trips.

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Radar Love by Golden Earring
On the Road Again by Willie Nelson
I’ve Ben Everywhere by Johnny Cash

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A point to you @filmfann for Radar Love, which is also one of my favorites!

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I have separate playlists for being on my motorcycle or in my car. My car music is more mellow.

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Good grief! We missed “The Promised Land” by Elvis!

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Daddy’s driving so shut the fuck up!

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Rocky Horror Picture Show just to sing along with.
Same with Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf.
Georgia Satellites when I want to drive faster.

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Classic swing and jazz songs!

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Detour, Tex Ritter

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@rojo Awww the Rocky Horror <3

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It was great when it all began…

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What do you mean, @filmfann?

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I was a regular Frankie fan….

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@bluish I was a regular Frankie fan…

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But it was over when he had the plan to start working on a muscle-man ?

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