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Have you ever awakened from a nightmare and hoped it would become reality?

Asked by WickedVamp (577points) July 24th, 2014

What happens when the demons in your dreams come alive?

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I was awakened the night I made the choice to exchange my past life for a new and much emproved one, I guess you can say, I’ve been, upgraded. Thanks to Unholy Thirst, then you came along, then Mastema. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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Yes. One time I dreamt that Mrs. Fields Cookies went bankrupt and closed all their shops. I was devastated at first, but then wished it were true so I could be free of this Unholy Hunger.

But alas, it was just a nightmare — so I continue to feed on the chips of the damned.

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What one would call a nightmare is actually the most astonishing experience in my eyes. Bring forth the demons…

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I agree with @UnholyThirst. Dreams can be instructive—nightmares especially so. I’ve never wished a nightmare to come true, but I’ve often learned something from one.

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My nightmares are so stupid and grown up anymore. After a really busy night at my part time job I dream of never ending nights bartending and I can’t keep the glasses stocked. I’ll wake up and have to talk aloud to myself: “GloPro, the bar is closed. There is no one there. No one needs a drink. Go back to bed. You’re fine.”

All of my nightmares are equally anxiety driven, so, no. I do not wish they were any more real than they already are, as most are a direct reflection of my current life stressors.

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When the demons in my dreams come alive we all gather together at the stroke of midnight and paint the towns red, that’s without using actual paint ;)

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@cookieman – so you just had to let the chips fall where they may…

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I don’t have them, I make them.

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@mastema Interesting, so you guys are the vamps I’ve heard about, cool. Blood exchangers or energy?

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Only the blood.

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Not nightmares. Nightmares are unpleasant, I have them all the time, especially after I’ve eaten spicy food late at night.

Last night I dreamed that I was going to be Alan Rickman’s love interest in his upcoming movie, that was pretty cool. Later, I was sledding down a grassy slope on one of those big giant pizza pans.

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@cookieman: I’ve had that same nightmare. It is truly awful.

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@UnholyHunger It looks like your sugar cookie has the chicken pox, haha!

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@GloPro: I am a chocolate chip cookie vampire.

Sugar cookies are often faeries.

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No, that is pretty fucking stupid. Why would a sane person want to live a nightmare?

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@rojo Is it appropriate of you to call my question “pretty fucking stupid?” And perhaps there are people here that are not sane and prefer to live in nightmares. That is why I asked the question.

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@rojo In my mind there are NO stupid questions, none of us should be judged as far as a simple question being asked, whatever the topic may be. This is the beauty of being an individual. I think an apology to my sister would be appropriate in this matter.

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No need for an apology. I just wanted to point out that rudeness should not be tolerated, especially towards others that might be different from yourself.

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I did not say your question was pretty fucking stupid. I said wanting to live in a nightmare was pretty fucking stupid.

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And, no judgement was made as to the question @Araphel. That is my response to the question as to whether or not I want to live in a nightmare not an indictment of either the question or the questioner. .

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