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Why is Oda being so nocturnal lately?

Asked by GloPro (8364points) July 24th, 2014 from iPhone

My puppy is 6 months old and 60+ pounds now. He’s mostly done teething, but still has a few to go in the back and his baby fangs are loose.

For the past several nights I hear him chewing his bones in the middle of the night, or roaming around the house. He tosses and turns, too. He can’t get comfy.

Is it because I work 12 hour shifts 3 days a week and his babysitters aren’t exercising him enough? Could there be other reasons?

If he weren’t so cute, it would be quite annoying.


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Maybe he’s preparing to protect you from what’s to come.

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Our dog gets left alone for a good chunk of most days, and that’s when he does most of his sleeping. It takes a massive amount of exercise to fire him down for the night. Walks alone won’t do it. He needs at least an hour and a half of rowdiness at the dog park or, preferably, a long stint at the dog beach (swimming really burns off that extra energy). It would take many hours of walking to equal the exercise he gets running and wrestling with his buddies for an hour.

Seems like I spend most of my spare time these days getting my dog tired. Not a day goes by that we don’t hit either the park or the beach or both, sometimes more than once.

Oh and yes, cute as heck!

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@thorninmud I think you’re right. On my days off we get tons I playtime in. I’m thinking I should spring for doggie daycare on the middle day of my 3 shifts. My neighbor just hangs out with him, no exercise at all, I know. He’s gotta be bored. Then I get home at 11pm and am too tired to play.

I think he’s just getting older and needing more exercise.

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Animals always know when something is lurking at night…

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Dogs did routine schedules & are pack animals. He may need to sleep with you or be crated at night with soft toys.

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Maybe the goth kids got to him.

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Good. I want him to live forever! 10 years just isn’t enough for me.

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Vamp puppy…

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Noooo! I take it back. At least wait until he’s potty trained.

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Very well then. He’s a cutie…

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Our dogs just sleep and not eat when we’re away.

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We moved our boarder collie to the city with us. He’d grown up on our farm. Guess how many feathers are in the standard feather pillow.

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Yes, find some outlet for him, before he gets old enough to really show his boredom!

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Right now our dog is going through heartworm treatment. That means total kennel rest (except for potty breaks) for 3 solid months. She’s stir crazy, and I have the scratches on my arms to prove it.

When she gets out of jail, we’re going to start making the rounds at dog parks, hikes, and agility. We’re so excited!

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