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What food is more healthy?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) July 24th, 2014

Vegetarian diet or non-vegetarian diet? Why?

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You can have a healthy diet either way.

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More HEALTHY? Either can be healthy if properly designed.

If using the word diet as in a weight loss tool, starving yourself is a terrible choice. A good balanced diet, monitoring protein, fat, carbs, calcium, fiber, sodium, and potassium, in addition to caloric intake, will be most healthy.

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Actually GloPro, what I really intend to ask is that which one is a more balanced diet , veg or non-veg? Because, there is a big debate on this topic and some people favor one over the other.

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They’re the same. One is not more balanced than the other. Our bodies are designed to optimize either one. It’s just a matter of choice. Of course, people who choose very particular and picky eating styles are well fed and don’t have to worry about starving at any time.

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Probably vegan. Meats with hormones & unhealthy conditions are worse than soy, beans, almonds, yogurts, etc…

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Cats don’t think so @KNOWITALL.

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” which one is a more balanced diet ” depends on what you eat, not whether or not it’s a vegetarian diet.

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Either one can be balanced or unbalanced. You need to do some work to figure out whether what you are eating is healthy. It’s probably harder to have a balanced diet if you are vegetarian, because not all plant-derived proteins are complete, meaning that you have to make sure you eat enough of the right proteins in combination. But it’s not that much harder.

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As @KNOWITALL mentioned in another thread, count calories. That tends to lead you into a balanced diet.

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So long as you are getting a good balance of nutrients and not overloading on fatty, sugary or processed foods, both are equally healthy. But if you go vegetarian then eat nothing but Cheetos and Twinkie bars, you’re doing as badly as a meat-eater who eats nothing but Big Macs.

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@Dutchess_III Not true at all. I can eat candy bars all day but if I don’t eat much else, I will have eaten the right number of calories.

And the OP seems to be asking about health not weight loss.

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Well, you have to use common sense @janbb! Your body would totally rebel if all you ate were candy bars! But if you do eat a candy bar you need to calculate that into your daily calorie log, and find a way to balance that out, but eating ultra low calorie foods, like lettuce and tomatoes. So in the end it works out.

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The best way to eat healthy is to eat everything included in the food pyramid. (I hope you are not alergic in any of these foods. In case you are, you can find something else with the same nutrients). In my opinion non-vegetarian is better but if you can find the same nutrients in vegetarian foods, you are ok!

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Also @janbb If a person is deliberately trying to eat healthy, candy bars don’‘t fit into that plan, as a general rule.

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@Dutchess_III Of course, I was just reacting to your statement about calories. ‘Nuff said.

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Both can be. My experiences with strict vegetarianism were not healthy. I found it too hard to be balanced with it. Simply adding lean freerange meat and fish restored that balance

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I’m a vegan, which means that I could subsist on French fries, potato chips, candy, wine, and soda. None of these items contains any animal products. Would I adhere to my beliefs? Yes. Would I have a healthful diet? No.

A vegetarian diet isn’t necessarily more healthful than any other eating plan. My own diet is, because I don’t like sweets, I detest junk food, and I consume plenty of legumes, vegetables, and whole-grain carbs. But, all that takes effort; it doesn’t come automatically when one swears-off animal flesh.

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