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How should a person break a 21 day fruit fast?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) July 24th, 2014

Actually, today I completed my full 21 day fruit fasting. That is to say that all through these 21 days, I had been eating only fruits like pomegranate, apple, banana, pear, mango, etc with no milk, no drinks, no yogurt, nothing else, only plain water with lemon…... I felt terrible to begin with but now, I was quite accustomed and didn’t actually feel the pain or anything. I thought I would be continuing it for another 2 months but face has started showing weakness, moreover, I don’t feel that energetic and my complexion also got a bit on the darker side, so I thought of keeping it to 21 days only, so today I just ended the fast…...Today, I had a party here so, I ate a few chicken breasts, then some white rice along with some bread-pieces…...I didn’t eat much but that felt like too much since 21 days, I had no sight of any food. So, I am kind of worried now, what can be the consequences? I mean, I am not suffering from any problem or stomach ache or anything but do u think that breaking a 21 day fast this way is alright? I can think of puking if it is not good….!
Can you guys suggest me anything?

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A couple of chicken breasts? You may get constipated flooding your body with that much protein after a fast. But trust me, you need protein, so I’d ride it out.
I’m no expert.

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Actually, I ate like 3 pieces of chicken! Constipated, I had no poops since like 15 days now already.

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Ok first off, darker complexion only means your melanin is in tact. And you’ve probably been out in the sunlight. But you definitely should introduce some sort of protein back into your life. If you’re wanting to stay completely away from animals go the veggie route. Hummus is made from chick pea and is full of protein. Also I’m sure you’re well aware but hummus has a ton of variants.

If you do want some meat, I’d say go for some salmon, if not chicken breasts like mentioned above. Don’t forget to chew for 25 seconds. Your digestive track will have a pleasant surprise.

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How about eating a balanced diet to break the fast?

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Plaides, the basic motive behind staying on this fast was to bring about a lifestyle change and eating healthy in the future forever…...But I am not quite getting clearly on what to include in my future diets!

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The best way to break a fruit fast is to….never ever do a fruit fast. Why on earth did you do that in the first place? Yeah, lack of energy and a dull complexion – that’s because you’re been living on nothing but sugar and carbs! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sugar, carbs, or fruit, but no fat + no protein = no bueno.

What you did today was fine. You may end up getting a stomach ache because your body is probably freaking out right now since it got some real food, but definitely don’t go back to eating nothing but fruit. And don’t throw up – that’s just silly. Nothing bad is going to happen from eating chicken and rice.

As for this: “to bring about a lifestyle change and eating healthy in the future forever.” Blah, nonsense. The way to “bring about” a lifestyle change is to go right into that lifestyle change. Fasts, detoxes, cleanses, etc. are nothing but hype. Your body naturally detoxes itself – if your organs are working, they don’t need your help. Also, lifestyle changes don’t require a kickstart.

What should you include in your future diet? Food! Real food. Weight is calories in vs. calories out. You simply need to calculate the number of calories you need to reach your goal (maintenance, weight loss, bulk, etc) and eat that many calories. Easy, simple! There’s no need to complicate it. Your body NEEDS protein. If you don’t fuel your body properly, it’s not going to work properly. Period.

And for the love of all things holy, never do a fast again.

ETA: “I had no poops since like 15 days now already.”
15 days?! Yep, that’s right folks, do a fast, it’s good for you!~

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An all fruit diet is basically an all fructose diet. Doesn’t sound so great when you think of it like that.

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Well, it sounds like you already broke your fast, so what does the “best way” matter?

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Everything @livelaughlove21 said is correct.

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