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What gifts are given for Christening/Baptism of infants?

Asked by hearkat (22723points) July 24th, 2014 from iPhone

A friend’s baby will be baptized this weekend, and we’ve been invited. When my son was born in the early ‘90’s, people gave U.S. Savings Bonds, but since the economy is still tanked, I don’t see that as being the nice present it once was. What is a modern version of that?

We’ve already given them stuff at the baby shower, and they have everything they need to care for an infant. I like what bonds represented – a gift for the child’s future. What is a recession-proof alternative to bonds?

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Gosh…a Bible inscribed for the baby? No…you want something of financial value. What about a rare coin?

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My wife’s family usually does jewelry. Little gold cross pendant, ring, or bracelet.

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I’m not sure the recession makes a US savings bond a bad gift (assuming it was ever a good one). They are precisely what people do buy in a bad economy. After all, the market can only continue to go up from here, which means the interest should increase over time. They’re secure, so there shouldn’t be any concerns as long as you don’t expect the government to vanish. Which… it won’t. And the bond itself is an investment in your society.

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A small religious item is appropriate.

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The tricky thing about that is that we’re not religious; and neither are the parents, really. I was kind of surprised that they’re doing this.

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It’s probably very important to someone in the family.

I’m trying to think. Maybe talk to your bank? Is there some investment thing you can do that will grow without you having to add anything after the initial investment?

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You can still do something like a bond, or some sort of financial thing with a future date that it matures. I would talk to someone at a place like Fidelity or Vanguard or even your bank for options.

Personally, for baptisms, I think I would give a piece of jewelry, a special bible, an engraved silver piece, or even a picture frame possibly engraved with the baby’s name and baptism date. But, money is always good for everything I say and a bond or something similar sounds like a fine idea if that is your preference.

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Was thinking about this….some sort of stock?

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