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Do you like, love, hate Lamborghinis, or you never thought about it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) July 24th, 2014

There are friends and acquaintances I know that do not like Lamborghinis, no matter which ones. I would sum up from our conversations they believe Lamborghinis symbolizes the decadent rich, or that it is somehow sinful and ridiculous to spend as much on a vehicle as some people spend on a house or condo; if you can afford it, why not? What about you, do you like them, love them, hate them, or you just don’t have an opinion about them because you never think of them?

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I like them but if I could afford that kind of lifestyle I would rather have a Maserati, the most beautiful car ever made, or, a 1969 Jaguar xke hardtop.

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I do not spend time thinking about types of cars.

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It’s pasta, right?

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Yeah….but I would not eat it, and it can travel 0–60 in 3.8 sec. and not to your stomach, plus it has leather seats

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Hate. There are better uses for money in my opinion. I’m fine with public transportation.

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Love them. I worked at a dealership & the power is amazing. Ferrari’s are best though. I just like cars.

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Prefer Maserati to Lamborghini.

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^ Does that mean you at least like Lambos or you loath them, since you don’t lover therm?

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You all should check out the Saleens!

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^^ Does that mean you loathe both Studebakers and Kaisers? ? ? Because you didn’t mention them?

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I really like them but if I had so much money, I would not spend them on a Lamborghini but I would invest them (or I could buy a villa with that money and enjoy my wealth). If I wanted an expensive car I would buy a Ferrari.

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I prefer the Maserati style. But if someone was to offer me a car that high end, and it had to be a Lamborghini, i would go for the two-door Estoque hard-top cabriolet, with a lid that lifts and slides back into the trunk at a push of a button when you want to go topless. But, even if i had $250,000, I probably would pass and get a very high quality, used, short chassis convertible 4-wheel drive vehicle for under $50,000, and spend the rest on a used 66-foot motor-sailor, buy a slittle shack on a beach near a nice little village in the East Caribbean.

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^ No, no, noooooooooooooooo!!! The humanity, why did they? What next, a Lamborghini micro bus!? A 4-door Lamborghini? That is so, so, wrong, the designer ought to be horse-whipped.

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Mura S plz. With CAMPAGNOLO wheels.

Though we at Team Chodes/MKUltra prefer our Porsches.

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@Hypocrisy_Central If you ask them real nice, they’ll give you the two-door model. For $250,000 plus, they do mean to please. If you buy one in Miami, the salesman serves you Dom Perignon. And if you prefer Veuve Clicquot Brut, he will send someone out to get a chilled bottle.

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Champagne isn’t for drinking.

It’s for showering the crowd from the winner’s podium.

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“No, no, noooooooooooooooo!!! The humanity, why did they? What next, a Lamborghini micro bus!? ”

Get ready to puke

It’s called the Urus. That’s Eye-talian for Honda.

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I love cars and driving. If I were in the 1%, I would be a car collector. However, you wouldn’t often see me on pothole-ridden highways with the self-absorbed, distracted masses. I’d probably keep a nice sedan around for the daily driving.

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^^ It’s called the Urus.
I have a name for it but I don’t use that sort of language. The sell-out designer that sullied the great name of Lamborghini with “that” should have det core wrapped around him and ignited while the soles of his feet is worked over with a belt sander. The day you start seeing Lambos on the road with Priuses and “Baby on board” window stickers, the world is surely about to end.

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You obviously have no idea what the company, or more importantly, the philospophy, that Soichiro Honda built is.

I’m guessing your impression is based on only Honda cars, and the watered down, decaf versions that are inflicted upon the US market at that.

As far as Lamborghini’s expansion into the mass market is concerned, why not?

Porsche has done it, hell, McLaren Cars Limited has done it.

I think the Porsche Panamera is brilliant: Lowest weight of all sports limos, lowest center of mass as well. I’m considering getting one for my parents, they deserve it.

So, Lamborghini as a plaything for the wealthy. One’s prerogative. When I worked for a dealer who’s inventory included the Lambo marque we saw (usually heard about) tons of units coming back bearing wounds caused by lack of driver skill.

Oh well, always good for a hearty laugh.

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^^ OK, that is some serious, fricken horsepower. I would not be shamed to park a Lambo next to that in the garage. I would take starflake black with ghost flames though…...

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