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How do you post a comment in the following petition?

Asked by flo (11234points) July 24th, 2014

This is for people who want to sign the petition in person, not online. Something like:
“We understand some of you want to sign the petition in person, so the address is…, and if you just want to express your support click here.”
Here is the original story. here
is the petition.

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There does not appear to be such an option. It looks like you have to sign the petition in order to make a comment.

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Too bad really.

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The only reason I can think of is that they were afraid the same person would leave multiple comments. It probably prevents spam.

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There must be another (edited) way to prevent that problem no?

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Why do you want to comment without signing the petition?

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@GloPro Please read the answers on this OP.

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