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What kind of item(s) can a man wear to look more attractive?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) July 24th, 2014

Women can wear jewelry, what can a guy wear?

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a watch that matches their outfit, a tie. But it really is hard to find the right accessories for guys, so this is a really tough question. It all depends on what they are wearing. Do you have a specific style in mind?

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Clean and properly sized clothes.

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Well fitting clothes. If you must wear cologne, please don’t drown yourself in the stuff. Few things are a bigger turnoff than when you can smell someone before they even enter the room! Rather than spending money on “stuff”, just make sure you are neat and clean (freshly showered, and hair, beard, nails, all trimmed and neat). Personally I’m far more interested in the person than their accoutrements.

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Good clothes and a gold-colored watch and watch band. No other jewelry.

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I think your question raiseds a good point. What indeed? For a long time it has been my contention that SOMEONE should do something about men’s attire to provide more choices. Men used to adorn themselves with colors, textures, feathers, stones, quills, shells, gold, and so many other attractive choices. Now men seem to feel adorning themselves is cross dressing.
Men CAN wear jewelry. I think Mimishu could back me up that no self respecting mafioso would be without a smart pinky ring. Lots of men choose to wear neckchains. There are bracelets styled for men, leather, or metal. Speaking of metal, if you want to go the route of studded wrist cuffs, there is that. I have seen some SWEET earbands. Rather than a piercing, it slips right onto the edge of the ear, the cartilage part around the rim of your ear.
Goth definately opens a lot of potential for adornment, but still, these days a lot of people, places find it weird and/or wrong.

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Get yourself a pair of cheap sunglasses.

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Here’s a list-
– proper sized clothes
– a watch( if you’re a fan)
– a good deodorant
– a layer of confidence( you don’t wanna miss this).

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Less is more, but everyone’s different. Fitted clothes, kept hair and a decent pair of shoes. Nothing wrong with a discrete bracelet or necklace either, depending on the setting. Anyone can do a few little tweaks to their wardrobe (doesn’t have to be anything expensive) but it can go a long way to show that you care about your appearance (without being vain). Hm, this turned into more of a general look answer, but there you have it.

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A money clip, depending on what kind of attraction you’re going for.
Surrogates for money clip are expensive suit, expensive shoes, expensive watch.
But look out for the kind of shallow flies you can attract with that kind of sh*t.

Personally I like a peppy shirt with ordinary pants if I want to doll up my outfit.. And this time of year if you’re really special I’ll be wearing my formal sandals instead of the beaters.

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Carry an umbrella, like a walking stick, yunno? I thought Mr. French looked so dapper, and the umbrella was just the right touch.

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