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Does the suffering of others bring music to your ears?

Asked by Araphel (1635points) July 24th, 2014

Do you enjoy watching others in a state of tremendous pain?

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No, I try to absorb their pain. I will suffer it for them if it relieves theirs, if I care for them. Sorry other dudes.

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@Araphel Do you enjoy other’s pain.

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Only in video games , but I feel psychotic sometimes when I run over people from Grand Theft Auto.

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Depends on the other person. I would probably giggle while Putin had open heart surgery without a anesthetic.

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No. Even people who I personally deem evil (in my own sense of the word – I’m not religious.) They usually just make me sad. Plus, I have OCD, so… I strongly filter anything gory. :P

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No, it bothers me when others suffer.

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No. If I did enjoy other people’s pain there would be something wrong with me. I hate to see people suffering any form of hurt.

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The ones who hurt me, yes. Random people, no.

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No, but the music of others sometimes brings suffering to my ears, i’m talking to you Celine fucking Dion.

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I do but, not everyone.

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(@ucme indeed, that’s how I read the question at first. ...and seconding the opinion about Ms. Dion’s ouput)

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No. That would indicate a lack of empathy at best or sociopathic tendencies at worst.

I don’t want to be that person.

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No. I am not a sadist.

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No — I enjoy watching others in a state of tremendous hunger, knowing they can never eat me.

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