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Do you still get lurve if the question has been pulled?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) July 7th, 2008

I answered a question last night that was pulled after the moderators figured out who was asking the question. I received lurve for my answer before it was pulled. I see the lurve but do you actually get the points?

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Yes, you do.

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Yes. Also, if your response is removed but you were given lurved beforehand, you retain the lurve. I have had both cases occur and I kept my lurved both times.

You might not have received points because you had been lurved a lot recently or the person who lurved you has over-lurved you. In those cases you get the great answer, but no points.

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I racked up 35 Lurve points over the weekend responding to an obnoxious spammer.

There’s always a silver lining.

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Could you link the question? I’d love to see it.

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yes Pupn Taco, that is where I got the lurve from. Wow, wasn’t that was fun!?

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@ beast: the questions (there were multiple) have been deleted, they were spam links intended to infect a visitor’s computer with a virus when clicked through.

No doubt the vandal in question didn’t realize many of us are on Macs or iPhones.

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Now I’ve read everything…over-lurved? Sounds like something Shilolo should be able to give us a suggested remedy for that. Where else but fluther?

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It is part of the algorithm that fluther uses to calculate score. Once a user has given you x lurve or you receive x lurve in y time you do not get points for the great question or answer.

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@Seesul: who was over-lurved? me? I have yet to be over-lurved :-(
@Eambos: I know once you reach “y” you get the nod, not the points. I am not sure if I got points or not, I was just curious what the “protocol” was.
Thanks for the answers.

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Wait – no matter how great your actual performance, if a given person gives you a
lot of appreciation, the mods will not allow them to lurve you “too much”?

What is that?

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no bead eambos just used the term and I thought it funny. I know what was meant. It just tickled me, that’s all.

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I see Seesul, I see!

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@PupnTaco I hope the vandal in question has been banned.

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That’s what I hear.

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