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What piece of furniture would you be?

Asked by bluish (498points) July 25th, 2014

Asking just for fun, because I spent the morning thinking I’d be great as a bookcase.

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An antique armoire.

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@Pachy What would you keep in there?

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I’d leave my doors wide open and shelves empty so that others could do with me what they needed. ;-)

Love the question.

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Niiice ;) (and thanks!)

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An old roll top desk.

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An oak wardrobe – Tall, dark, handsome & I quite like lions & witches too.

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I saw an antique spice cabinet on Roadshow once. It was for an old mercantile. It had lots of little boxlike drawers to keep spices in. They remarked how the drawers had the scents permanently stored in the wood. I thought that seemed incredibly warm and inviting. I’d like to be that cabinet.

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@Jonesn4burgers Oh you’d look great, smell weird… and I am just a brown bookcase.

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A desk on which the owner would have hundreds of things and preferably in a mess but with a method in his madness. I would have files, papers, desk accessories and other paraphernalia strewn all over my surface.

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I would want to be a big mahogany chest. That way I can keep hold of the precious items of my loved ones.

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——Waiting for the couch..——

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sofa, so good

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A Yamaha grand. That’s furniture, too, right?

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I think that I would be a toy chest protecting all of the stuffed toys and figures still waiting to be cuddled and performed by their benevolent friend.

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A big tool chest

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A cedar hope chest, cause it’s not buggy & people keep treasures/ hope there.

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@bluish, I have a brown bookcase, and I love it.

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I’m all about comfort. I would be a gigantic bean bag

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@KNOWITALL You have the 3 millionth quip.

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