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Do you sleep with your window open?

Asked by WickedVamp (577points) July 25th, 2014

To let in fresh air or after-hours visitors? Or do you close it and why?

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I leave as many open as I can, depending on the weather. My house is in the country, well off the road and it’s in a safe area, so I usually don’t have to worry about after hours visitors. So far. I love fresh air.

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Lately, yes. It’s been super hot here and we’ve no air-conditioning. I have a stick in the window, to keep if from being able to be opened more than a few inches, with a big fan sitting in front of it. Wouldn’t want the possums, skunks, racoons or rapists coming in the window. Early this morning I heard some loud thunderclaps and hoped that we might get a bit of rain, and a bit of cooling, but so far, no luck.

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If its raining, I leave it open, but will end up closing it in the small hours of the morning, due to noisy neighbors. In the winter, it rarely gets open, because the window freezes shut, and Alaska is too cold anyways. My heating bill would skyrocket.

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In the summertime, all three weeks of it, yes I do.
Not in the winter though, or else i’d wake up with icicles hanging off my nipples.

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I leave one open, rain or shine, to get fresh air in.

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Always, but only for the fresh air. Luckily I’ve never lived on the first floor so it’s hard to un-welcomed visitors to enter into my room.

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No, scared of spiders coming in.

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@Bethanfluther You don’t have screens in your windows?
Edit I just asked because I would have bugs, flies, and moths everywhere if I didn’t.

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I would love to be able to but each time we buy a house they’ve stuck the screens in the attic. I don’t get it. Oh, well. It would only work all through spring and fall. Hey; that’s a lot of time! I’d even go for part of winter!

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I do not, no. Not that I don’t live in a safe area, but I just still don’t feel comfortable doing it.

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No. The vacuum of space does not agree with me.

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All the time, unless it’s very humid out (which would be now). I love fresh air.

I’ll even keep them open a crack in the dead of winter.

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Occasionally, but only on cool nights in fall and winter, never in summer. Otherwise I wake up with a dry, closed throat. I also hate being awakened by street noise.

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Always open, even in winter. In winter it’s open an inch or two (not the whole way).

Gotta have fresh air.

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Yes, I can post.

@Adirondackwannabe screens?

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@Bethanfluther All of our windows have steel mesh screens on the outside of the windows. The holes in the mesh are small enough to keep out all but the very smallest bugs.

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Until the winter snows force me to shut it.

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Wide open whenever possible.

A boat at single anchor will naturally swing it’s bow into the wind. I have forward and midships deck hatches that, when open, cup this fresh, constant breeze and send it right through the cabin and out the aft gangway to the cockpit. If the breeze is too slight, I can rig a large funnel from old sail at the forward hatch to scoop more air in. Four ports on each side along the length of the cabin suck in air once the fore-and-aft draft is established. i also have fans throughout. There are no screens, but I have mosquito netting and duct tape that will work. If possible, I anchor a little offshore when there is a mosquito problem. If it gets too bad—and this is very rare and a complete waste as far as I’m concerned—I’ll batten her down and run the A/C. I usually only do this for insistent female guests, and even then not very often.

Last night it was stifling down here in the Yucatan off Progreso. I anchored about a quarter mile out in shoal water and slept on deck. I had a nice night’s sleep and awoke to a warm, gentle rain.

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@Adirondackwannabe I live in the UK, we don’t have anything like that here, well, not in my area. Sounds a good idea, it is quite hot ( for the UK ) at the moment, and night time is horrible.

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When it’s nice, a couple stay open

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No, because we have these in South Carolina and, quite frankly, I’m more scared of those little fuckers than any human being that might be hanging out outside my window. All of our doors and windows stay shut unless we’re going in or out right at that moment.

Plus, we have “nice” weather for about two months out of the year. It’s too cold for open windows for two months, and scorching hot for the remaining eight. My electric bill was $250 last month, if that’s any indication of how freakin’ hot it is here.

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I do when it’s not too cold outside. I like the fresh air, we save on the electric bill by not running the air conditioners and I enjoy listening to the wildlife on our property. It’s been a cool summer this year, so we’ve been able to keep the windows open quite a bit. I’ve been able to listen to great horned owls calling each other all night. It’s been a hoot.

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@livelaughlove21 I remember those little bastards. I lived in S.C. when they arrived sometime in the mid 80’s The flying ones that is.

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When ever I can. We have an attic fan, so it’s heaven! Sleep with the door open too. One morning woke at about 6 a.m. to a plastic clothes basket by my head and Rick fussing at the window. I asked what he was doing. He said, “A baby possum got in the house and climbed up onto the window sill.”
I lifted my head up and sure enough. Little possum about 6 inches behind my head. “Cute little guy,” I mumbled.
Rick grumbled some version of “Cute little my ass!”
Then I went back to sleep.

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I love the fresh air, as long as there’s low humidity. If the temperature at night will be between 68–56ºF, I open the window. We like to sleep in a cool room.

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Seldom. Maybe a few days spring and fall. Air conditioning works by removing humidity from the air, and I hate letting all that damp back in. Frankly, I love AC. Plus, we get a huge amount of road noise.

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Almost always, everything is open most nights. bedroom, kitchen, living room. My old house on a secluded property with a ranch gate, I even left the doors open all night. I have to have fresh air, unless it is 100 degrees or snowing.

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^^Aah!! I’ll never understand that…must be a rural thing. When I was at my grandfather’s house in upstate NY, he never locked the doors—even at night! I urged him to lock them but he was seriously going to go the whole night with everything open. How can you sleep knowing that?!

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We don’t even lock the doors when we leave town. Hell, I don’t think I even have a key to the house.

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That’s crazy! Don’t go complaining to anyone if there’s a burglary then.

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LOL! I won’t!

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Sometimes. My hell hounds would attack any unwanted intruders lol

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@dxs Come visit Canada… a lot of us don’t lock our doors. ;)

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During the day, it can get pretty damn hot. I open the windows at night to cool down the house, so the air conditioning doesn’t run all day.

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It’s pretty amazing. I’d come home after work on a 90+ day and the house would be so cool I’d accuse the kids of turning on the AC! They hadn’t. It’s just that all the cool air from the night before was still in the house, which had been locked up all day. No body going in and out.

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Yes, unless it’s really cold or there is a thunderstorm or something like that

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Usually I keep it closed because we live close to a late-night pub and it gets noisy between midnight and 1am with people leaving, taxis and so on. But with the weather being so warm in the last few weeks we’ve kept them open.

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Sometimes I sleep outside and stare at my empty home, wondering who else might stare into the dark windows.

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Well…no open windows here tonight, huge wildfire burning about 15 miles from me, over 1,300 acres in the last 3–4 hours. At least one mountain house burned. Awful, awful, scary, awful!

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Open for the forest fairies to come in. We speak, dance and they leave.

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All the time, as much as I can. I love the outside air, rain or shine. I do this in the Winter as well, at least when it’s not like -30. I’m equiped with huge blankets and tons of pillows, so being cold isn’t the problem. Besides having to get out of bed I mean.
But if it’s too cold I won’t be able to shut the window since ice jams it there.

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Natural night summer air seems to mess with my sinuses.
“Keep Manhattan, just give me Park Avenue.” ~

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Neeewwww YORK is where I’d rather stay! I get allergic smelling hay!

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